Chinese workers FINED if they walk fewer than 180,000 steps a month

Chinese workers FINED if they walk fewer than 180,000 steps a month

December 9, 2018

Employees at an unnamed real estate firm in the southern city of Guangzhou have been fined 0.01 yuan (0.001p) for every step missed from their monthly target, according to Information Times.

The company reportedly tracked the worker's steps using the messaging app WeChat, which allows users to share with friends how many steps they have walked in a day, reported South China Morning Post.

One human resources officer who works at the firm said she was deducted 100 yuan (£11) from her wages for missing the monthly target by 10,000 steps, reported Newsweek.

Another employee told Information Times that frequent overtime made it difficult for staff to walk at least 6,000 steps a day outside of work hours.

She said: "I understand that the company wants to encourage us to get more exercise.

“But we are very busy at work, and we often work late into the night. To meet the walking goal, we may not even be able to sleep.

“This assessment is an extra burden. Even though 6,000 a day does not seem like a lot, I usually only walk about 2,500 steps on a normal workday.”

Representative from a local law firm Liu Fengmao said that the company has no legal grounds for tracking staff members' steps as a measure of performance, reported BBC.

Liu said that staff could potentially claim that walking outside of the office constitutes as overtime, or that a walking injury was a workplace incident.

Some workers found a way to cheat the system by attaching their phones to a device that are mobile, so that when they move their step count increases.

According to The Chongqing Evening Post, the company used the number of steps staff walked in a day as one criterion for assessing their performance.

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