Chilling clues leave family with 'bad feeling' after surveillance shows mom who vanished with ex & toddler on camp trip | The Sun

Chilling clues leave family with 'bad feeling' after surveillance shows mom who vanished with ex & toddler on camp trip | The Sun

July 21, 2022

A MISSING man's sister fears "he went off the deep end" when he disappeared with his ex-lover and their toddler three weeks ago.

Nicholas Hansen supposedly took Jill Sidebotham and their two-year-old daughter Lydia on a camping trip on June 27, but the trio hasn't been seen since a trip to a Walmart in Mexico, Maine on July 2.

Kris Martin, Hansen's sister who is in the process of getting guardianship of her brother's two other children, said she thinks Ms Sidebotham and Lyida are in danger.

"He's not in the most stable mindset," she told The Sun in an exclusive interview.

"He's been floating around from job to job over the last couple years.

"We've tried to get him help, but he said he doesn't need it."

Last week, police released surveillance pictures that includes a photo of Hansen holding Lydia and Jill walking behind them.

"It looks like Lydia doesn't want to be held by him," Martin said. "It's also weird that Jill is following behind, almost protectively.

"His stance seems angry, too. I practically raised him, so I can read him well."

The trio has seemingly vanished since being seen in Walmart.

Sandford Police Lt. Matthew Gagne told The Sun last week, "Nothing points to them being in danger," and they've received more than 40-50 tips.

Each day the search continues, the more concerned Martin gets for their safety.

"I'm frustrated with the police," Martin said. "I don't think they're taking me serious."


Using a drone, police confirmed that Hansen, Ms Sidebotham and Lydia were at the Coos Canyon Campground on June 29, which is about 15 miles north of the campground.

Martin said doesn't know if they went on this trip willingly or if her brother "held something over her head or threatened Lydia," but the situation isn't adding up.

She said Hansen and Ms Sidebotham had an on-and-off-again relationship for a couple years, they haven't interacted since Hansen allegedly attacked her fiance of two years in 2021.

"Please, Jill or Nicholas, reach out to someone," Martin pleaded. "Think of your family."


When asked where Hansen might go, Martin said she doesn't think he would travel outside the state and says he "must've stopped somewhere."

She said he has a tattoo on his calf, and the only way she can see him changing his appearance is by shaving his facial hair and head. She also said he has "horrible teeth and missing a lot of them."

There haven't been any confirmed sightings since Walmart, but police asked the public to be on the lookout for a silver 2005 Volkswagen Jetta with a Maine license plate 1563VJ.

The search has been stymied by geographical challenges in the state, Lt. Gagne told The Sun last week.

Most of Maine is remote with small populations and poor cell service, the Sanford PD lieutenant said.

They've fielded over 40 tips since news broke of their disappearance that have involved several areas of Maine and out of the state.

"We're working with other jurisidictions as we chase down any leads," Gagne said. "We're hoping they're still in the area, but we just don't know where they are right now.

"Because it’s not criminal matter, we are limited in some things."


The day before they left – June 26 – Sidebothom and her fiance  Corey Alexander were talking about moving into their new apartment and there seemed to be excitement.

“I had moved my stuff out of storage. We were about to start moving her clothes," he said.

Ms Sidebothoma's mom warned her daughter not to go camping, according to a family Facebook post.

Ron Sidebotham told the Boston Globe: “My wife said she tried to stop her but [Jill] said it would be fine.”

Her phone has been reportedly turned off since June 28, but Alexander claimed that he received messages from her Facebook account the next day.

He said: "I'm not sure if they actually came from her phone or not."

Alexander doesn't believe that Hansen sent the messages but fears if he saw them, "they may have set him off".

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