Carjackers who repeatedly stabbed driver, 24, in bid to take his car chased off by heroic neighbours

Carjackers who repeatedly stabbed driver, 24, in bid to take his car chased off by heroic neighbours

February 1, 2022

TWO carjackers knifed a man in the arm as they tried to swipe his motor – before being chased off by a pair of have-a-go heroes.

Shocking footage shows the bystander jumping out of a car to come to the victim's aid on Norman Place Road, Coventry on Sunday.

He then chases him off down the street as they flee on a moped.

CCTV footage shows victim Ryan Walsh, 24, going into his house unaware that the would-be carjackers had whizzed by on a moped and spotted his motor.

Ryan then comes running back outside when he notices they have pulled up outside to steal his car.

He tries to fight them off, wrestling them to the ground, before one of them stabs him in arm.

One of them climbs into the car, before Ryan drags him out onto the road.

The bystander spots the brawl and pulls up next to them, before chasing the thugs away, while an injured Ryan catches his breath at his car.

He aid: "We need to find out who he is so I can buy him a pint."

Ryan was treated for a minor stab wound to his arm after the ordeal.

He told the Coventry Telegraph: "I had just finished a run and was getting my bag back out of the car, and in the reflection I saw a scooter pull up behind me.

"He shouted 'give me the keys', they were still in the door. I was trying to stop him getting in the car.



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"I started kicking him and ragging the keys out of the ignition. I got him out of the car and he got straight back in.

"He had a knife on him so I couldn't get too close. I hit him a few times with my water bottle and got a few digs in.

"I got him to the floor and that's when he must have stabbed me."

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