Brits WILL have to pay £6 to visit Europe after Brexit – whether we get a deal or not

Brits WILL have to pay £6 to visit Europe after Brexit – whether we get a deal or not

December 14, 2018

The charge for a visa waiver will apply whether or not the UK manages to strike a withdrawal deal with Brussels.

The scheme, known as ETIAS, comes in from 2021 for all visitors to the EU from outside Europe.

Travellers pay €7 and consent to have their details checked to make sure they don't pose a security risk.

The EU says: "Since citizens of countries who do not need a visa for travel purposes of up to 90 days in the EU do not need to go through a long process of applying for the visa, the ETIAS will make sure that these people are not a security threat.

"The ETIAS, besides being used for business and tourist purposes, will also allow people to visit the Schengen countries for medical and transit reasons.

"In addition, it will be mandatory for all countries who are Schengen visa-free."

Last night a spokesman for top Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker confirmed the scheme will apply to Brits.

Natasha Bertaud tweeted: "Yes #ETIAS will apply to the #UK as 3rd country post-Brexit – 7 euros for a 3 year pre-travel authorisation. Simple form, like #ESTA to the US, but way cheaper."

In theory, it might be possible for Britain and the EU to strike a deal which would take UK citizens out of the ETIAS programme.

If the two sides strike a withdrawal agreement in the next few months, then free movement will continue as now until at least December 2020.

Even if they don't, the EU has already said Brits will be allowed to visit without a visa for up to three months at a time.

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