British teen kisses Meghan Markle, says ‘She really is beautiful’

British teen kisses Meghan Markle, says ‘She really is beautiful’

March 9, 2020

A British teen couldn’t hide his joy at getting a hug and kiss from Meghan Markle — telling his roaring classmates, “She really is beautiful, innit.”

Aker Okoye, 16, had bounded up to his school stage when the Duchess of Sussex asked for a “brave young man” to volunteer to discuss the importance of International Women’s Day during her surprise visit at Robert Clack School in east London.

The applause Okoye got as he headed to the stage soon turned to screams and cheers as he leaned in to kiss the duchess on the cheek, according to video of the event.

The response left the duchess laughing and smiling, and the teen blushing as he waited for the cheers to finally subside, getting a pat on the back from his royal crush.

“She really is beautiful, innit,” he finally said — leaving his classmates erupting once more and the duchess doubling over in laughter before wagging her finger at him in mock outrage.

“I had to speak the truth there,” he said, before making heartfelt comments about the day — and getting his loudest applause when Markle came in for a big hug, his eyes showing his clear disbelief.

“Incredible confidence, don’t you all agree,” Markle teased him after he left the stage.

Okoye later told The Sun that he had no idea his school was getting the royal visitor — and his “heart was racing” when he went up onstage.

“She was lovely and down-to-earth,” he said of their “incredible” public meeting.

“She didn’t seem to mind me kissing her and saying she was beautiful. She laughed, along with the whole school,” he said.

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