Britain looks set to be first out of Covid nightmare – our boosters worked miracles

Britain looks set to be first out of Covid nightmare – our boosters worked miracles

January 31, 2022

Get exit done

WE may be tempting fate, but Britain looks set to be first out of the lengthy Covid nightmare — and in short order.

The Omicron wave we all initially feared proved much milder, crowded out deadlier Delta and may even give us some immunity against that too.

Cases have plummeted. Hospitalisations are steady. Our boosters, crucially rolled out early, worked miracles.

England, at least, has been kept almost entirely free over the winter.

Our economy, the most open in the West, has already hit pre-Covid levels.

Masks in schools will be axed shortly, like most Plan B restrictions. Even Sage doom-mongers are optimistic about us living with Covid as a flu-like illness, barring some more lethal variant.

Boris Johnson is in a mire of his own making. Still, it took guts to face down the Labour clamour for more curbs.

Clueless Keir Starmer said Freedom Day last July was “reckless” and “dangerous”.

It was neither. And we know from Labour-run Wales that the party’s every instinct over Omicron was for more panicky and pointless restrictions.

Luckily they are not in charge nationwide.

BBC’s bubble

WHAT unites the celebs, hacks, politicians and staffers desperately defending the BBC now its licence looks in genuine peril? Yes, almost all are politically left of centre.

Is their main fear about the end of the £4billion-a-year bung that too few people would voluntarily subscribe to the Beeb? If so what does that say about its over-hyped content — so much of which could be axed without a soul missing it?

We suspect, though, they are even more petrified about this giant foghorn for their politics suddenly losing its potency.

One BBC fan, Labour’s shadow culture ­secretary Lucy Powell, declares the £159 licence fee to be “incredibly cheap”.

Typically smug, out-of-touch drivel.

As ex-BBC chairman Lord Grade admits: “It’s a heck of a lot of money for the majority of people.” Affordable on Powell’s £82,000 a year . . . not for those on far less, facing soaring bills.

Many can’t wait for the demise of this ancient, archaic and absurd £13-a-month tax on our tellies. It funds a BBC which holds them in contempt.

NHS wasters

FOR years we have railed against the NHS blowing a fortune on useless pen-pushers. A major study now proves us right.

A seven-year LSE probe of 129 hospitals finds that more managers do not lead to better care. What, then, is their point?

Britain is about to be hammered by a tax rise, initially to cut massive NHS waiting lists. Voters will never forgive the Government if it doesn’t.

Where is the plan to ensure it . . . and stop it being swallowed up by yet more clipboard-wielding incompetents?

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