Brit teacher cleared of UK sex crimes faces 12 years in Spanish prison for alleged abuse of female pupil, 15

Brit teacher cleared of UK sex crimes faces 12 years in Spanish prison for alleged abuse of female pupil, 15

January 13, 2019

Carlo Troiano, 41, moved abroad after being sacked by his Cheshire school despite being acquitted at a 2010 trial of engaging in sexual activity with a pupil half his age.

He was arrested in November 2016 on suspicion of sexually abusing a 15-year-old pupil at his new school in southern Spain – and thrown in jail again after a brief release on bail for allegedly breaching a court ban by contacting her.

On Sunday it emerged Spanish state prosecutors and lawyers for the fee-paying bilingual school which employed him after he left the UK want him sentenced to 12 years in prison if he is convicted.

The jail demand has been made in an indictment filed with a Spanish court ahead of his sex abuse trial.

Lawyers for St George’s British School of Almeria in Roquetas de Mar say in their six-page indictment Troiano began a sexual relationship with his former pupil in May 2016 behind his employers’ back.

Sex between the pair is said to have taken place at his then-home in the tourist resort of Roquetas.

The teenager’s mum reported him in November 2016, sparking his arrest and sacking.

School bosses, who under Spanish law can prosecute Troiano as well as the state, are also seeking a 15-year ban from jobs that involve contact with children as part of any conviction and a £35,000 compensation payout to his alleged victim.

State prosecutors have demanded a 12-year prison sentence in a separate indictment.

The teenager’s mum is among the witnesses who have been asked to give evidence at his trial.

The trial date has not yet been made public.

Dad-of-two Troiano, now divorced from his ex-wife, was found not guilty in January 2010 of three charges of causing or enticing sexual activity with a 16-year-old pupil in a classroom.A jury of seven women and five men unanimously cleared him after a four-day trial at Warrington Crown Court.

They ruled after listening to the evidence that they did not believe the girl, 17 at the time of the trial, had been telling the truth.

She had claimed he had asked her to perform sex acts on him.

University-educated Troiano denied the allegations.

Governors at Bankfield High School terminated his contract despite the acquittal.

He was released on bail in December 2017 after being held on remand in prison for nearly a year following his new arrest in Spain.

A Spanish judge issued a European Arrest Warrant after Troiano, from Wirral, after being told he had taken advantage of his release to contact the teenager he allegedly had an illegal affair with and ask her to write a letter for his lawyer saying her sex claims against him were “lies.”

The arrest order stated he told her he had got her name tattooed on his body.

The teenager also accused Troiano of becoming aggressive to make sure she penned the apology, insisting he told her to “do it for his children” and saying they could only meet up if she agreed to his request.

Police in Germany where the girl moved to after leaving Spain and he had travelled despite an international travel ban, swooped on him at a railway station last October.

He was subsequently extradited to Spain and remanded in prison where he is expected to remain until trial.

Court sources revealed last October Troiano was facing another court probe for allegedly trying to sexually abuse an under-age cousin of the former pupil he is accused of having an affair with after getting both girls drunk.

The sacked ex UK-based teacher has also been charged with a separate offence of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Prosecutors want him jailed for two years if convicted.

The charge is understood to relate to allegations he uploaded images of naked and semi-named girls “in erotic poses” onto the Internet on January 20 2016.

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