Brit Rapper Sneakbo' forced to flee after ugly confrontation in Marbella with thugs who kick and throw drink at him

Brit Rapper Sneakbo' forced to flee after ugly confrontation in Marbella with thugs who kick and throw drink at him

August 8, 2021

THIS is the dramatic moment Brit rapper Sneakbo is forced to flee for safety after an ugly confrontation during a Costa del Sol holiday.

A man identified locally as the south London-based artist was filmed sprinting away into the darkness as a gang cornered him and one of the aggressors threw a drink over him and hurled a glass at a wall beside him.

The shocking scenes occurred in the upmarket resort of Puerto Banus near Marbella earlier this week.

Sneakbo, whose first UK single The Wave in 2011 peaked at 48 in the UK charts, attempted to laugh off the incident in a rambling Instagram message by claiming: “I'm still breathing and I'm free, that's all that matters to me.

"Catch me if you can. I promise I’m laughing, not a scratch on me."

He went on to say: "Minor issue with some folks I’ve never met in my life. Those who hate me will have to keep putting up with me."

Despite the obvious aggressiveness of the men who went for him, he insisted: “I still don’t want security cause they won’t be on what I’m on when it gets cracking.”

The 29-year-old posted a selfie of him in a white tracksuit top with a cat’s head photoshopped over his own alongside the message, keeping alive a bizarre urban myth that has been doing the rounds for years and apparently started after he escaped some boys who had chased him into a McDonald’s in South London.

As the rumour spread, fans claimed the rapper used black magic to carry out the transformation.

Sneakbo, real name Agassi Babatunde Odusina, made no mention of where the fight had occurred but it was clear from footage posted online that it was in Julio Iglesias Avenue which is the main avenue running behind Puerto Banus marina.

The busy road is popular at this time of year with boy racers and European and Arab tourists who like to flaunt their wealth by cruising in their Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

It was not immediately clear what had sparked the dispute and whether there had been any arrests.

The rapper, who had a number of top 40 hits including ‘Zim Zimma and ‘Ring a Ling’ between 2021 and 2013, appeared to be on the back foot all the time before running away as a man in a baseball cap threw a glass which broke next to where he was standing.

Sneakbo released his debut album Brixton in March 2018.

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