Brit and four paedo ring suspects accused of NINE MILLION child abuse pics and sick ‘How To’ guides on trial in Belgium

Brit and four paedo ring suspects accused of NINE MILLION child abuse pics and sick ‘How To’ guides on trial in Belgium

January 24, 2020

A BRITISH man and four other suspected paedos are on trial in Belgium accused of producing nine millions child porn images and creating a guide on "How to" abuse children.

Samuel Kinge, 38, from Harlow, Essex, appeared in court today in Dendermonde, Belgium, with four other alleged paedophiles.

It is the country's largest ever child pornography case as pictures and videos of thousands of children from around the world were reportedly found stashed at the defendants' houses.

Some of the other accused men's own family were allegedly used to make their sick films.

Other videos reportedly featured vulnerable children in India who were promised money and food in exchange for performing sex acts.

Kinge told the court he would be prepared for chemical castration, Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported.

Kinge said: "I have never wanted to harm anyone, and acknowledge the pain I have caused to the families involved.

"In a sense of loneliness and a search for friendship, I came in contact with peers online. I got trapped by it, and it was hard to get back out.

"But it was a fantasy, I would never do those things for real. Watching those images helped me deal with pressure and stress, but now I feel great shame.

"I have tried everything to heal: sports, church, music… But I live with fear. I am therefore prepared for chemical castration."

Kinge is standing trial alongside Belgians Dimitry D, 34, Michael T, 40, Niels M, 31, and Dutchman Lars de R, 28.


Files seized by police detail the vile log of their ring and cast a light on how some of them would reportedly rent out their own children for each other's sexual pleasure.

It was alleged the ring would meet in public places for the kids to be abused.

Niels M is said to have brought his children to a playpark and wrote: "But whoever wants to play with… children will have to pay".

One of the messages found discusses one of the accused's preference for underage children and read: "I also do everything under the age of six. Favo age around five."

The men are accused of are producing the videos and images between 2004 and 2017.

In May 2015, Michael T was caught taking pictures of children in the coastal town of Blankenberge, which sparked a police raid on his home.

Police are said to have found a haul of child porn and further evidence linking him to Dimitry D, who was also found to have indecent files.

Europol was so alarmed at the number of files they had never seen in circulation before that they suspected the men were producing it themselves.

They launched "Operation Azrael" across the continent, which eventually implicated the five men.

Lawyer Kris Luyckx from Child Focus said the men "remain dangerous for life" and "have created a manual '"How do I abuse children in the most horrible way possible'".

Niels M today told the court that he had been abused himself and denied touching his own family members.

Lars de R reportedly broke down in tears and said: "I knew that what I felt was not right."

Dimitry D was not present but sent a lawyer to represent him.

The trial continues.

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