Bristol house explosion injures three people with one fleeing on fire

Bristol house explosion injures three people with one fleeing on fire

February 24, 2019

Woman survives ‘gas explosion’ by leaping from window onto a TRAMPOLINE as three are injured including man who fled home on fire

  • The explosion in Bristol on Saturday evening shook houses minutes away
  • A four-year-old girl had to be rescued from the house moments before it fell in
  • The cause of the fire is still unknown and all casualties are conscious

A reported explosion in a block of flats has injured three people with one woman jumping from the house on to a trampoline and a man fleeing the house on fire.

The blast, which happened in Bristol on Saturday night, shook houses minutes away and its cause is still unconfirmed despite rumours of a gas explosion.

A man believed to be James Toogood fled from the Bristol flats on fire and neighbours had to douse him in water to put out the flames yesterday evening and he has been left with ‘burns all over his body’. 

One witness saw a woman said to be named Laura Pearson jumping from a second floor window on to a trampoline in order to escape the blaze. 

Three people have been injured after a blaze at a house in Bristol on Saturday night. One man escaped from the block of flats on fire. The cause of the explosion is unknown 

Mother-of-one Kirsty Dukes, 30, who lives next door to the flat, said: ‘I was about to put my four-year-old daughter to bed and watch TV when I heard a bang which sounded like a car crash.

‘I was at the kitchen window and saw the kids’ climbing frame installed in front of their house fly into the road.

‘I could hear the upstairs neighbours screaming “get me out, get me out”.

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‘Laura Pearson was stuck at the top and James was pulled out of the building by my partner.

‘James was literally on fire.

‘We got him to roll across the grass and put him out with water.

‘Laura jumped out onto a trampoline in the front garden. 

The explosion in Whitchurch Lane in Hartcliffe, a suburb in the south of Bristol, was so big it shook houses minutes away

‘I honestly thought someone was going to die.

‘If Laura upstairs was in her kitchen she would have died.’ 

Another neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, said of James: ‘He was walking but his face was blistered down the right hand side.

‘He is probably going to have severe scarring.’ 

Another unnamed woman had to rush inside to rescue her four-year-old daughter and half the house fell down moments after they fled, according to The BBC.

The explosion was so big it shook houses minutes away and police closed roads around the house and set up a 200m cordon to investigate its cause. 

Avon Fire and Rescue Service were called to the fire on Saturday at approximately 7.50pm in Whitchurch Lane, Hartcliffe, a suburb in the south of the city.

Area manager Steve Imrie said fire fighters gave first aid to three injured people who are all conscious and breathing.

He said: ‘The cause of the incident is unknown at this stage and is subject to an investigation.

‘At this stage, there is no information to suggest it is suspicious.  

‘Early information is that there was potential gas at the property, though this is yet to be confirmed. 

‘On arrival, crews found a fire within the building with significant structural damage and committed two firefighters in breathing apparatus to extinguish the fire, while other fire fighters assisted in administering first aid to three casualties on the scene.

‘Crews are currently working with police, ambulance, and the local authority to make the scene safe and assess the integrity of the building.

‘The cause of the incident at this time is unknown and will be subject to an investigation throughout the evening.’

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