Boozy Brits in Bulgaria resort dubbed 'Magaluf on Ice' preyed on by thieves who steal drunk skiers' expensive gear

Boozy Brits in Bulgaria resort dubbed 'Magaluf on Ice' preyed on by thieves who steal drunk skiers' expensive gear

January 13, 2020

LIGHT-fingered locals are targeting Brits in the cut-price resort of Borovets by pinching pricey clothes and equipment as they booze after a day on the slopes.

The popular Bulgarian ski getaway – dubbed Magaluf on ice due to its cheap drink and lively nightlife – is a favourite winter haunt for UK travellers.

However, tourists are now taking to social media pages dedicated to the party town to warn fellow winter sports devotees about criminals on the prowl.

Expensive snowboards, skis and £800 designer jackets are being swiped as holidaymakers let their hair down at night.

Gareth said on Impartial Borovets on Facebook: “Just had a burton custom stolen from outside francos bar. Anyone seen anything?”

Burton Custom snowboards cost around £600.

Sam said: “Oh no not another one. That’s awful for you. Some horrible b*****ds out there.. hope you catch them.”

Another person said: “Omggggg this is happening a lot this season.”

And another Brit added: “Bear in mind a decent board is a couple of months wages for a local.”

Amanda added: “I have never heard of so many ski’s/boards being taken before!”

Rik wrote: “Had my Moncler coat lifted from a bar last week. Gutted to say the least.”

Around 20,000 people from the UK fly out to the resort each year because the prices are less than half of those in Alpine destinations.

Breaks in Borovets can be had for £300-a-week, lunch is £5, and happy hour shots are a £1 making it a favourite spot for cut-price stag weekends.

The resort also has several strip clubs and is often rammed with lads looking for x-rated fun on the cheap.

As well as the plethora of erotic clubs, there are also rumours of more female escorts “than in Soho”.

One TripAdvisor reviewer said: “The resort is a 95% man resort with big groups of men getting drunk from 3pm! Great but we saw fights and blood in the snow the next day.

"I live in London and was shocked to see more sex and adult show/shops then in soho itself.”

Another added: “If I ever need to go on sex holidays, then I might pick Borovets but needless to say I wouldn't go for skiing again.”

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