Black Lives Matter activists clash with cops outside LA mayor Garcetti's home in violent scenes

Black Lives Matter activists clash with cops outside LA mayor Garcetti's home in violent scenes

December 7, 2020

BLACK Lives Matter activists clashed with cops outside Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti's home in violent scenes on Sunday.

Demonstrators gathered outside the mayor's home for the 13th day of demonstrations as they demanded Garcetti not be appointed to a position in Joe Biden's administration.

Jamie Penn, the Sub-District 3 representative for the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, was arrested in the demonstrations, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Video shared on social media showed the clash between demonstrators and police outside the Los Angeles, California home..

"TW:@LAPDHQ went at us with batons hitting mothers and babies and peaceful protesters in front of @MayorOfLA. LAPD pulled one of us randomly and ended up grabbing Jaime," user justintrinidad wrote as he shared the video.

Cops clad in riot gear were seen swinging batons at demonstrators, as they pushed back.

One demonstrator was seen using a water bottle to shield herself from police as a cop used his baton.

"What the hell" the woman yelled. "Stop!"

A demonstrator was seen being detained by police in the clip.

Protestors gathered after it was rumored Garcetti may be appointed to a position on the Biden administration.

Black Lives Matter and Ground Game LA organized the demonstrations, Newsweek reported.

The groups have been critical of the Los Angeles mayor's handling of homelessness, public transportation, and other issues.

Demonstrations had been largely peaceful in the days leading up to the Sunday clash.

Police said the clashes began around 10:30am when one demonstrator blew a bullhorn, City News Services reported.

Officer Melissa Podany of the Los Angeles Police Department's Media Relations Section told the outlet the bullhorn was a violation because it traveled over 200 feet.

She added that a neighbor complained of the noise in a second violation.

“Four officers attempted to make an arrest for the above violations, when the crowd moved in on the officers, punching and kicking them, which resulted in an ‘officer needs help’ call,” Podany said.

“At that time, an unlawful assembly was declared.”

Black Lives Matter organizers told the LA Times that demonstrators were given zero warning before cops moved in on them.

Akili, a 72-year-old BLM organizer told the LA Times that LAPD "did not send four people" and there were "anywhere between 20 to 25 officers.

"They lined up, blocked the street at 6th and Irving. There were two lines of police in an L shape — one on Irving, and the other on 6th Street — and they moved in a scrimmage formation against us…" Akili said.

Despite demonstrator's demands that Garcetti not be given a job on Biden's team, the mayor previously said he was not considering a job, KABC reported.

"It's not something I'm weighing right now, quite frankly,'' Garcetti told KPCC radio's Air Talk.

He said he's focused on the coronavirus pandemic in California and another stimulus package.

After one person was arrested in the 13th day of demonstrations, another group of protesters gathered outside the mayor's home on Sunday night to protest a lockdown order.

Video shared by Emily Holshouser sowed crowds of protesters gathered after dark, as the city was slated to begin a lockdown curfew at 10pm.

Many demonstrators were seen not wearing masks as they protested the stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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