Black Eye Friday erupts across UK as drunken antics get out of hand

Black Eye Friday erupts across UK as drunken antics get out of hand

December 22, 2018

It’s the fight before Christmas: Black Eye Friday erupts across Britain as drunken antics get out of hand with festive revellers arguing, brawling and stumbling in the street

  • Streets were filled with dozens of partygoers making the most of last Friday before Christmas last night
  • Dubbed Black Eye Friday, Mad Friday and Fighting Friday, there were scenes of chaos in cities across the UK
  • Emergency services were spotted in Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff helping break up drunken arguments

Dozens of revellers were spotted arguing, brawling and stumbling in city streets across the UK last night as they made the most of the last weekend before Christmas.

Some partygoers were seen smiling as they made their way home in festive fancy dress but others seemed worse for wear and needed a helping hand from friends to make it to the bus or taxi.

Police had to step in and break up fights in Manchester and Cardiff and officers in Newcastle were seen assisting a few people who’d had one drink too many.

Men and women were pictured sheltering their hair from the rain, vomiting in the road, collapsed in the street and fighting each other in cities across the country. 

In different places it is dubbed Black Eye, Mad or Fighting Friday – and as seen in these shocking photos, it is not hard to see why the last Friday before December 25 has earned such a poor reputation. 

Police separate two men in Cardiff, Wales, during Black Eye Friday as a doorman and more revellers look on

One man, who appears to have hurt his head, needed some assistance from police officers in Newcastle city centre last night

Three women dress up as Joseph, a star and a Wise man in Birmingham for their night out on the last Friday of December

One woman attempts to pull her dress down as she flashes running in Manchester (right ) while two women dressed for the season in Christmassy colours of white and red – with one even donning a Santa hat -pose for a picture in Leeds (left)

A man and woman have an argument outside a club in Leeds (left) while another woman tries to protect her hair from the rain in Cardiff (right) during their Black Eye Friday nights out 

Paramedics and police help a man to his feet in Leeds while surrounded by dropped chips on Mad Friday

A fight breaks outs between a group of men outside The Printworks in Manchester during a busy Friday night out

A man cradles his friend as they wait for a bus home in their Christmas jumpers after a Black Eye Friday night out in Leeds

Many revellers were spotted in Christmas costume such as these women in Leeds (left) and Cardiff (right)

Two women throw their arms up in frustration during an argument on the streets of Leeds as a man looks on

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