Biden’s atrocious opening to packing the Supreme Court

Biden’s atrocious opening to packing the Supreme Court

April 9, 2021

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Packing the Supreme Court is a terrible idea and always has been. President Franklin Roosevelt sought to enlarge the court simply so he could appoint a majority of the justices. He failed badly because even his own party recoiled at the naked effort to end the Constitution’s checks on his power.

So it’s obscene that President Joe Biden is even entertaining the move now.

Biden is appointing a commission to look into the idea, one the White House says will be “a bipartisan group of experts on the Court and the Court reform debate.” Let’s hope that’s just a bone to quiet the lefties down, not the start of something more.

If the group is as promised, the commission will stomp all over the proposal. Nothing is more guaranteed to destroy the high court, turning it into a political football and pawn of whichever party happens to have a temporary majority.

It’s a recipe for tit-for-tat court-packing moves, with Republicans adding yet more seats next time they have the power — or, worse still, Democrats using their current power to so skew the fundamental rules of the land to ensure permanent control of Washington and the end of our democracy.

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