Aurora Borealis 2021 – Stunning video shows solar flare that caused storm speeding toward earth as Northern Lights shine

Aurora Borealis 2021 – Stunning video shows solar flare that caused storm speeding toward earth as Northern Lights shine

January 28, 2022

STUNNING videos of a solar flare that caused a sun storm are being shared all over social media as people spot the Northern Lights worldwide – just in time for Halloween.

The video, taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Orbiter, shows mesmerizing close-up views of solar flares blasting off the sun between Monday and Thursday.

It ended with a major X1-class solar storm that could amplify Earth's northern lights displays over Halloween weekend, reports.

"Brighter than a shimmering ghost, faster than the flick of a black cat's tail, the sun cast a spell in our direction, just in time for Halloween," NASA officials wrote in a video description.

The video shows a series of solar eruptions on Monday from an active region on the left side of the Sun.

On Thursday, the X1 solar flare erupted from the lower center of the star, just as it was directly facing Earth.

X-class flares are the most powerful types of solar storms the sun can have.

The volley of radiation may trigger the northern lights if it collides with our atmosphere, and could cause major issues for power grids, experts suggest.

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It has already caused a temporary, but strong, radio blackout in parts of South America, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).

The particles from the flares were expected to reach Earth this weekend and supercharge the planet's auroras, also known as the northern and southern lights and pictures of the results are already circulating on social media.

Using the hashtag #NorthernLights, Twitter users from around the globe are posting pictures of the mesmerizing lights.

One user in Scotland posting the green-hued lights with the caption: "Woop! That’s it #NorthernLights #scotland #aurora".

Another user posted the lights overKópavogur, Iceland with the caption: "The #NorthernLights from Kópavogur, Iceland tonight! We were pleasantly surprised to see them this well in the city".

The vibrant lights are even seen in the United States as one user reports viewing the phenomenon in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"I’m in Cincinnati and I can’t believe my eyes," the tweet said with the hashtags #NorthernLights, #Ohio, #Cincinnati and #AuroraBorealis.

It can be difficult to see any auroras if you live near city lights as light pollution can wash out the glow. In instances like this, the lights may not be as dazzling as the displays seen at high latitudes or by astronauts in space. 

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