Amazon Driver walks through active police standoff to deliver package

Amazon Driver walks through active police standoff to deliver package

March 21, 2023

Amazon PRIME: Driver walks through active police standoff in North Carolina to deliver package, hands item to SWAT officer before taking a picture to confirm delivery

  • An Amazon delivery driver was pictured walking into the middle of a police standoff last month to hand off a package 
  • The driver was stopped by a SWAT team member who took the package before the driver stopped to take a picture of his delivery 
  • The standoff occurred in North Carolina last month and ended with a man taking his life and shooting his son 

A video of an Amazon delivery driver handing a package off during an active police standoff last month has gone viral.

The driver nonchalantly approached the apartment complex that was surrounded by police vehicles and handed a prime delivery to one of the officers manning the scene.

He is then seen snapping a pic of the dramatic drop off, confirming its delivery and continuing on his way.

Unbeknownst to the dedicated employee, the scene he walked into was an hours long standoff in Cary, North Carolina that ended with a man taking his own life.

The precocious Amazon driver heads into a standoff in Cary, North Carolina to hand off a package

In the video, the employee manages to get pretty close to the apartment complex where the duress is taking place, before an officer stops him from getting any closer.

One of the officers takes the package from the worker and hands it off to someone who begins to move in the direction of the apartment complex.

Once the driver has rid himself of the parcel, he gets on his phone, presumably to check off his order as completed.

He strolls past a group of cop cars just to turn and snap a photo of a job well done.

The woman narrating the TikTok clip says through laughter: ‘Look he’s taking a picture!’

‘It made it there! When you serious about your work. Go Amazon! Bro!’

As it turns out the precocious driver had walked right into the middle of a long and treacherous standoff between police and a man suffering from a mental health crisis, who wound up taking his own life, in addition to shooting his 11-year-old son twice.

The incident was a more than 20 hour standoff, during which police were ultimately able to get the 11-year-old boy out of the apartment complex.

Cary Police Chief Terry Sult said that negotiators ‘did a remarkable job securing his release, then did another remarkable job trying to work on this individual.’

‘I have no words to express the problem that we face with mental illness in this country,’ he continued.

The boy, whose name was not released, was sent home from the hospital to stay with other family members. 

He heads directly into the standoff that is clearly flanked by police cars

He turns to head back to his delivery truck

The driver stops to take a picture of the building at which he dropped off the package

The standoff in Cary lasted for hours and resulted in a man taking his own life and shooting his son

Officers did not enter the building before the man took his own life. The standoff consisted of multiple law enforcement agencies and hundreds of officers.

The Amazon driver chose to ignore the perimeter the police had set up around the apartment complex in order to get his job done.

Amazon’s delivery guarantee page states: ‘If we provide a guaranteed delivery date and a delivery attempt isn’t made by this date, we’ll refund any shipping fees associated with that order.’

The individual who ordered the Amazon package was, at the time of delivery, likely either locked in or locked out of their apartment, per the parameters law enforcement had established during the standoff.

Only once the situation had reached its conclusion were members of the complex allowed back into or out of their homes in the building.

Some TikTok commenters noted that the driver was taking the corporate promise to heart when he attempted the handoff.

‘From one Amazon driving to another I don’t blame him he would’ve had to come back and re-attempt the delivery,’ wrote one user.

‘More scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out,’ wrote another.

A third wrote: ‘Package Delivery Note was ‘handed to SWAT officer.’ 

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