Aircraft hijack false alarm over the Pacific Ocean

Aircraft hijack false alarm over the Pacific Ocean

June 11, 2022

False alarm as emergency transponder code from Singapore Airlines plane sparks hijacking fears after leaving Los Angeles

An apparent technical glitch sparked a false hijacking alarm today when a Singapore Airlines flight transmitted a transponder code indicating a possible hostile takeover of the aircraft. 

Singapore Airlines flight SQ37 sent out 7500 transponder code shortly after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport, according to online flight tracker ADS-B Exchange.

However, the flight has continued on its normal course and an emergency signal is no longer being received – indicating a technical glitch or false alarm.

The aircraft, which is flying to Singapore, left the West Coast of the United States before midnight yesterday.

The Singapore Airline flight (file photo) took off from Los Angeles International Airport shortly before midnight

The aircraft was over the Pacific Ocean when it allegedly sent out a 7500 transponder code, which is the internationally recognised signal for a hijacking


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