Actress Kathy Burke’s attack on Prince Philip after car crash

Actress Kathy Burke’s attack on Prince Philip after car crash

January 18, 2019

‘Very pleased that the baby wasn’t killed by the 97 year old selfish c**t’: Actress Kathy Burke launches a foul-mouthed attack on Prince Philip after his dramatic Land Rover crash involving a nine-month-old child

  • The Queen’s husband’s car overturned in crash near Sandringham yesterday
  • While most expressed sympathy for the 97-year-old, Kathy Burke went on attack
  • She branded the royal a  ‘selfish c**t’ on Twitter in series of tweets after the crash

Comedian Kathy Burke has launched a foul-mouthed attack on Prince Philip following the Duke of Edinburgh’s dramatic car crash yesterday.

The Harry Enfield and Chums star fired off a series of tweets, with one branding the 97-year-old royal a ‘selfish c**t’.

The 54-year-old notoriously outspoken actress raged: ‘Very pleased that the 9 month old innocent baby wasn’t killed or injured by the 97 year old selfish c**t.’

Actress Kathy Burke launched an astonishing online attack on Prince Philip following the royal’s car crash yesterday afternoon

Burke fired off a series of tweets criticising the Prince after his crash near Sandringham

Retweeting a news headline about ‘the four words Philip said’ after he emerged from the crash, Burke suggested they were ‘w*****s will defend me’.

She also retweeted a message about the Prime Minister’s message to Philip, which said: ‘”The whole country admires your resilience but it’s probably time to admit you can’t really steer the damn thing any more”, wrote the Duke of Edinburgh in reply.’ 

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Prince Philip’s car accident, near to Queen’s Sandringham estate yesterday afternoon, left two people needing hospital treatment.

He was not injured in the accident, which happened as he drove a Land Rover out of a driveway onto the A149.

The other car involved was a Kia. Two women in it needed hospital treatment – they have since been discharged from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. A nine-month-old baby was unhurt.

Prince Philip is was left ‘very shocked and shaken’ after a dramatic crash near his Sandringham Estate which left two women in the other vehicle in hospital

Philip is believed to have just left Sandringham, circled red, and was turning on to the A149  when he collided with a Kia and his car cartwheeled on to the other side of the road

Many Twitter users responded to Burke’s tweet, which has been like more than 5,000 times. 

Elizabeth O’Mahoney replied: ‘Not being facetious, but we don’t really know what happened. He might be a completely competent driver for all we know.’

Another of her followers, called Kes, wrote: ‘I’ll wait for the facts before making such a damning comment and never see the need for being that derogatory about anyone.’

Another Twitter user commented simply: ‘That’s the OBE out of the window, love.’ 



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