A deer is rescued by a lobster boat in Maine and taken to a beach

A deer is rescued by a lobster boat in Maine and taken to a beach

November 5, 2019

Unusual haul! Shocked lobster boat workers save drowning deer swimming 5 MILES of the coast off Maine

  • A  deer was found by a lobster boat five miles offshore in Maine
  • The deer could be seen swimming with its head sticking out above the water 
  • Crew pulled the deer to safety and traveled 30 minutes bringing it to a beach 

A lobsterman and his crew took a break from their work along the coast of Harrison, Maine when they found a wayward deer swimming in the water. 

Ren Dorr and his workers Shaun Dowling and Jared Thaxter located the deer about five miles offshore Monday. 

‘Found this little guy 5 miles offshore today drifting farther away from land,’ Dorr posted on Facebook. ‘Couldn’t let the poor guy suffer and drown so we brought him aboard.’

A deer is spotted by a lobstermen swimming in the water off Harrison, Maine

The deer sits calmly after a rescue by lobster boat workers in Maine

The deer is pictured on the lobster boat being taken to safety on Monday

They safely brought the land animal back to its more familiar environs – a beach 30 minutes out of the way for the crew.  

The deer sat peacefully, curled up in a corner on the boat until they reached the shore. 

When Dorr got close to the shore, he and another crew member placed the deer back in the water for a short swim to a beach.

As the boat got close to the shore two crew members helped the deer off the boat

The lobster boat worker let a deer swim to shore after finding the animal five miles out to sea


The deer swims to the shore after getting rescued

Ren Dorr (right) is one of the lobstermen picked up a deer, who spotted several miles from the shore 


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