‘You’re what?’ Jane McDonald horrified as she learns tour guide is in another country

‘You’re what?’ Jane McDonald horrified as she learns tour guide is in another country

June 8, 2022

Jane McDonald gets interrupted during filming

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Jane McDonald has done it again and charmed many travel fanatics in her one-off special Jane McDonald: Cruising the Nordics on Channel 5. Treating herself to a nordic adventure on the Viking Sky luxury cruise, the TV star started off her working vacation in Copenhagen. Before she took to the sea, she had to stretch her land legs and trust the show’s producers as she got into a car to travel to an undisclosed location, and with her face not hiding her feelings, the expedition was not quite what she expected.

Finding herself with some rare downtime before jumping onboard her next cruise, the 59-year-old explored Copenhagen and dined on local food before receiving her mystery call.

“So I have been told I have to ring a man about a visit to an unusual museum?” she said, perplexed.

Moving around to get a better signal, a face popped up on her phone screen.

Greeting the man and saying “hello”, he replied: “I am good, very good. Are you going to come to visit me?”

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Not really sure where she was going, she said: “Yes, I have been hearing great things about your place. Can you tell me about your museum, Samuel?”

The museum curator added: “It’s a bunch of failed products you can look at and learn from.”

Jane let out a stunned and mildly deflated “failed?” but after being reassured she heard correctly, she added: “Ok, is this interesting?”

Samuel assured her it was “really interesting” and the “short drive” would allow her to see “more of Scandinavia” on her way. 

Tracking down a car to make the trip, of no described length, the singing sensation struggled to get a signal as she phoned her mystery caller to say she was on her way.

Floundering to get hold of Samuel with his video and audio dropping in and out, Jane joked: “That sounded like a Dalek.

“I’ve lost him. I don’t know where I am going.”

After driving for “ages”, she secured a good phone line and asked: “Where the heck are we going?

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“Are you in a different country?” Samuel chimed in: “Yeah, I am in Sweden.”

This news came as a shock to Jane as she exclaimed: “You what?”

After she gathered herself, she looked around as if to acknowledge the crew and continued: “We are off to chuffing Sweden, I didn’t know that.”

Delighted to see Samuel on her arrival, she almost fell out of the car to hug him and stumbling, she jested: “Oh, I’ve just broken my foot.”

Starting her tour around the museum, Jane’s face was a picture of confusion and puzzlement. 

Samuel introduced the site: “Ok, so this is the museum of failure, and it’s all these innovations that have failed, they haven’t been a commercial success, or they are dangerous.”

Jane concluded: “It’s basically cr*p!”

This wasn’t the only awkward moment during this special as While in St Petersburg, her mini-tour was interrupted by several skateboarders who circled her and threw her off her stride.

In the heat of the moment, she jabbed: “I just want to go and punch their lights out.”

Cruising with Jane McDonald The Baltic is available on My5.

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