Young Sheldon Recap: The Cooper Family Begins to Fall Apart

Young Sheldon Recap: The Cooper Family Begins to Fall Apart

May 13, 2022

Family drama had everyone on edge during Thursday’s Young Sheldon — an especially tense half-hour that saw George walk out on Mary after a heated exchange about her relationship with Rob.

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Mary’s feelings for the youth pastor had become painfully obvious to her husband, who was none too pleased to discover that the holy man paid her a home visit after the church shunned their entire family. Mary insisted that she and Rob were just praying, and they were, but anyone who witnessed that awkward moment after Rob concluded his prayer could tell you that there’s something brewing between those two. Just ask Missy!

George had had enough. He made a beeline for the back door — and when Mary tried to stop him, saying that she’d made dinner, George turned around and suggested that Rob come by and eat it.

Almost as soon as George slammed the door behind him, Mary received a call from President Hagemeyer. She didn’t want to intervene in family matters, but Sheldon had asked for her help. She also inferred that he wouldn’t have done so if Mary had a handle on things at home. That’s when Mary unloaded on her.

“Are you saying that I’m not doing a good job as his mother? Because I am doing the best that I can to hold this family together, and I am tired of people blaming me,” she cried. “I have half a mind to get in my car and drive until I run out of road, then start my life over again with a different name.”

Mary hung up, then Missy, who overheard both her parents’ spat and Mary’s phone call, came out to console Mom.

Poor Missy also had a rough couple days. She’d punched a boy in Sunday school after he referred to the Cooper clan as white trash, then skipped out on middle school to escape the endless parade of whispers regarding older brother Georgie, who made her promise that she wouldn’t punch anyone else.

Mandy, meanwhile, was shunned by her parents after she told them she was pregnant — and that was before she got the chance to tell them that the father was 17 years old. Connie accompanied her to her first OB-GYN appointment and offered to cover her medical expenses. As for the father-to-be, he confronted Mandy in the waiting room and pleaded with her to let him be a part of this journey.  She told Georgie he could stay, but had Connie accompany her when she went in to see the doctor.

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