You season 3 release time: When is You season 3 on Netflix?

You season 3 release time: When is You season 3 on Netflix?

October 14, 2021

Netflix annouce You Season three

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You season three is due to arrive on Netflix soon and the latest season promises more shocking moments than ever before. The psychological thriller series will see Joe (played by Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) move to a new town to raise their son Henry. has all you need to know about what time season three will arrive on the streaming platform.

What time will You season 3 be on Netflix?

The third season of You will show the sadistic Joe Goldberg in a whole new light as he promises to turn his life around.

After moving to a new home at the end of season two, he vowed to change his ways to avoid his son turning into someone like him.

In fact, season three will see Love become the destructive character as she struggles to fit in with her new community.

The latest instalment is made up of 10 episodes and they will all arrive at the same time on Friday, October 15.

For fans in the US, they should have access to the new episodes from midnight.

For those watching in the UK, they will have to wait until the usual release time of 8am.

The episodes are all up to an hour long, so this is not necessarily a series for binging in one day.

However, eager fans will have the ability to throw themselves a watch party as they will have access to the entire season.

Sadly for those who do not have Netflix, they will be unable to watch the new season as it is exclusive to the streaming platform.

The 10 episodes have all been given unique titles, so fans can get some idea of what to expect from each instalment.

The titles include ‘So I Married An Axe Murderer’ and ‘Red Flag’, with the finale titled ‘What is Love?”

From this, it seems Love Quinn is certainly the character to watch out for in a series first.

The first two seasons dubbed Joe as the unstoppable antagonist, but the tables will turn in the latest instalment.

Viewers will be wondering how far Love will go in order to make sure she maintains her picture-perfect life with her husband and son.

The official trailer was released in September and it shows Joe explaining the moment he became a father was “the most scared he has ever been”.

The couple try to pose as the “nice, normal neighbours next door” when in reality they have both done terrible things.

Joe tries his best to break old habits but this becomes difficult when he develops an obsession with his neighbour.

Love realises something is going on as Joe is always distracted, and she has a hunch he has slipped back into his old ways.

She has already proven she is willing to kill if it means keeping her man, and she will do so again.

The trailer shows Love hitting someone over the head with a rolling pin and Joe is then seen disposing of a body.

Joe’s wife breaks down as she believes Joe does not love her any more, and it will not be long before she turns on him.

Does she have it within her to kill her own husband if he continues to look for satisfaction elsewhere?

Fans have taken to the trailer comments to express their excitement, with Xaer saying: “The fact that Joe thinks Love is a monster without seeing his own flaws though. Such a maniac.”

Mahatir Ahmed Tusher added: “This series is addictive. I couldn’t put away my eyes from the screen.”

Jessica Vill said: “This might be the most intense season yet!”

You season 3 airs on Netflix from October 15.

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