YFN Lucci’s lyrics reveal he threatened to ‘MURDER’ rival and ‘put him in the ground’ ahead of shooting arrest

YFN Lucci’s lyrics reveal he threatened to ‘MURDER’ rival and ‘put him in the ground’ ahead of shooting arrest

January 14, 2021

RAPPER YFN Lucci's lyrics reveal he threatened to "murder" his rival and "put him in the ground" ahead of his shooting arrest.

The rapper, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, surrendered to the Atlanta police department on Wednesday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with a man who was killed last month in Atlanta.

YFN Lucci rapped about "murdering" his rival and "put him in the ground," in his song Back & Forth.

"We ain’t trying to send no tweet tell em send a address
Aye my lil dog will spend they block for a pint hitek
And I just got a Glock, came with a d**k
This b***h ain’t bout sex
And you know we throwing bullets, trying to see which one of tall can catch
This for acting like a p***y
We gone put you in the ground for that

How you got beef but ain't nobody died yet?  Put that weed down, bring them glocks out
We gon' drive by, we gon' hop out."

Another another song 7.62, he rapped about killing his enemies:

"Robberies in Grand Theft Auto, I can't fake it
They told me don't be trippin' about it, I can't save it
A whole lotta bring problems
But if a n***a play, we gon' get him murdered tomorrow
Wanna see me demonstrate?"

A chilling 911 audio call that lead to the rappers arrest reveals how the shooting victim was "hanging out of a car".

A women in Atlanta placed a frantic 911 call last month saying a man was "trying to fight for his life" after being shoved out of a moving vehicle, according to an audio obtained by TMZ.

The woman on the phone is heard telling a 911 operator she saw a white SUV speeding by "with a man hanging out of the car."

"Can ya please get an ambulance here this man is dying…. he's shot in the head," pleaded the unidentified women.

According to the outlet, the women remained on the scene until the ambulance arrived, and is heard saying the victim was "taking his last breath," before dying moments later.

On Wednesday night, YFN Lucci released a music video before turning himself into police.

He was charged with murder, aggravated assault and participating in criminal street gang activity following a double shooting that left one man dead.

The 29-year-old rapper is dating rap star Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter, 22.

YFN Lucci opened up on Established with Angela Yee that they were working out their issues together – namely her getting on with the three moms of his four kids.

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