Yellowstone’s Jimmy star speaks out on what to expect in 6666 spin-off ‘Isn’t glamorous’

Yellowstone’s Jimmy star speaks out on what to expect in 6666 spin-off ‘Isn’t glamorous’

January 18, 2022

Yellowstone: Jefferson White on Jimmy's possible return

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Jimmy Hurdstrom (played by Jefferson White) left his old bunkhouse buddies behind him to pursue a new life with his fiancée Emily (Kathryn Kelly) in the latest season of Yellowstone. He’s later expected to head up yet another neo-Western offshoot for the Paramount franchise, and recently opened up about what he’d like to see from the 6666 Ranch.

Jefferson expects to learn even more about the life of modern cattle ranchers in the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off, 6666.

Based and filmed around a real-life ranch in Texas, Jefferson’s character Jimmy finds his calling there after suffering a rodeo injury.

By the end of season four, the young wrangler has learned the ropes and become a fully-fledged cowboy.

Although he said goodbye to his old bunkhouse crew in the season finale, Jimmy’s story is far from over as he’s expected, though not confirmed, to return in 6666.

Chatting to Entertainment Tonight, Jefferson recently divulged what diehard Yellowstone fans could expect to see in the upcoming spin-off.

“What’s incredible about the Sixes is that it’s a real ranch,” he explained.

“The Sixes is one of the oldest ranches in Texas, one of the oldest ranches in the country.

“One of the oldest functioning cattle ranches, horse training, breeding facilities in the country.”

Jimmy was imparted wisdom by many of the ranch’s old-timers, as well as helping Emily with the messy business of collecting horse semen.

As his time on the new ranch continues, Jimmy will be learning plenty more tricks of the trade along with the show’s fast-growing audience.

He teased: “I’m really excited for people to see the real, gritty, not glamorous world of real-life cattle ranching, now in modern times.”

While the mainline Yellowstone series does offer some informative moments of rope-training and herding cattle, life on the bunkhouse is often interrupted by the Dutton family’s high-stakes personal drama.

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Now a new instalment of the franchise is about to pay tribute to one of the most established ranches in the United States, fans can expect to get a real education on what it takes to be a modern cowboy.

Plus, there will still be plenty of time for romance, thrills and action along the way with showrunner Taylor Sheridan at the helm.

Jefferson continued: “Anytime I think I know what should happen next, something completely different happens and it’s way better than my idea.

“Taylor has only ever surprised us, thrown us curveballs that we never would have expected, and that is the greatest gift.”

“You don’t want to put a dumb-a** like me in charge of decisions like that. All I can do is try and hold onto the horse, you know?”

The Yellowstone star is also confident Jimmy will have a long life in the series despite his run-ins with rambunctious rodeo horses.

“I’ve fallen off a few times, but so far I’ve gotten back up,” he assured the show’s fans.

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on the Paramount Network in the USA now. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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