‘Wouldn’t say easy’ Dopesick showrunner pays tribute to cast for ‘smooth’ production

‘Wouldn’t say easy’ Dopesick showrunner pays tribute to cast for ‘smooth’ production

August 19, 2022

Hulu original's Dopesick official trailer

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Dopesick landed on Hulu in 2021 which kept viewers gripped as it detailed how a pharmaceutical company created the worst drug epidemic in American history. When the miniseries came to an end, showrunner Danny Strong paid a touching tribute to the cast. 

The eight-part drama followed the lives of those affected by America’s opioid epidemic. 

As well as highlighting the mountain of issues the victims dealt with, the show also provided insight into how opioids became readily available. 

This included the lies of a pharmaceutical company, the goals of profit and the groundbreaking civil lawsuit. 

Dopesick became a huge hit with viewers and received rave reviews for its knowledgeable and gripping storyline. 

Following the success of the drama, the showrunner and executive producer Danny Strong praised the cast for making production easy, despite its heartbreaking subject.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press, he opened up about the gut-wrenching scene when Diane Mullum (Mare Winningham) discovered he daughter had died from addiction.

Danny disclosed: “You know when you’re working with an actor like Mare or all these actors.

“I mean, these are all the best of the best that I got to work with here and they’re just amazing.  

“So everyone made it on the acting front, I don’t want to say easy but smooth. 

“We would just do these scenes and they all instinctually knew where the scenes were supposed to be played at,” Danny concluded. 

Diane’s young daughter Betsy Mallum (Kaitlyn Dever) had become a victim of the Opioid epidemic through no fault of her own. 

The once bright-eyed teenager worked in the town’s coal mine where she sustained an excruciating back injury. 


After visiting the town’s local physician Dr Samuel Finnix (Michael Keaton) she was prescribed Oxycontin to help relieve her pain. 

This helped and when she was pain-free Kaitlyn was able to go back to work. 

However, the pain relief was only temporary and when the pills stopped working she returned to the doctor requesting a higher dose. 

Sadly, she began to rely on Oxycontin and became addicted, as a result, her hopes of moving away with her girlfriend Grace (Cleopatra Coleman) were soon dashed.

Purdue Pharma and other government agencies were investigated for their involvement in the distribution of OxyContin.

After the legal case looked into the development, testing and marketing of the drug OxyContin it was revealed lies were told about the drug and the company faced criminal charges.

The series was inspired by Beth Macy’s 2018 novel Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America. 

Following its release, Dopesick was recognised during award season and received 14 nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2021. 

Dopesick is available on Hulu in the US and available on Disney Plus in the UK.

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