Winter Love Island fans spot ‘secret romance’ in the villa – did you see it? | The Sun

Winter Love Island fans spot ‘secret romance’ in the villa – did you see it? | The Sun

January 20, 2023

WINTER Love Island fans think they have spotted a "secret" romance in the villa after spotting a clue.

Last night, temperatures rose on the ITV2 dating show after a tense game of beer pong – which saw the Islanders snogging one another as part of a saucy dares challenge.

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans are now certain they have spotted a "secret romance" between two of the Islanders.

Noting down who kissed who during the game, viewers think Tanya Manhenga and Kai Fagan have the hots for each other.

The pair were seen sharing a snog on screen during the game last night, but it isn't the first time the pair have kissed as part of the show's steamy challenges.

Fans have taken to Twitter to note how Kai, 24, and Tanya, 22, have kissed "four times across three challenges".

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One fan penned: "It is not lost on me that Tanya and Kai keep kissing each other in these challenges… interesting."

A second chimed in: "Four kisses in three challenges," while a third said: "The amount of times Kai and Tanya kissed is suspicious."

"OK Tanya and Kai kiss was a bit intense," a fourth said, while a fifth added: "Hmm this is at least the second kiss Tanya has given Kai in a ‘game’."

It comes after the boys erupted into a huge row after the kissing game last night – with two of them having to be separated from each other.

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Telly salesman Haris, 21, and Shaq, 24,, almost came to blows last night after a kiss took place between Tanya and David, 24.

The Islanders were playing beer bong when David was dared to kiss the girl he fancies most for 30 seconds – and he picked Tanya.

Later on Haris asks David what his kiss with Tanya was like in front of Shaq, leaving him furious.

The airport security officer accused Haris of ‘s**t stirring’ and things quickly escalated as they started shouting at each other.

David was quick to call out Haris after he asked the question in front of Shaq, saying: "What's wrong with you bro?"

Shaq piped up telling the boxer: "You're so annoying, bro. You do this all the time. You do this all the f**king time. You try and s**t stir. You s**t stir all the time."

Jumping to his feet, Haris shouted: "Don't speak to me like that," and as Ron pulled him away, Shaq retorted: "I'll speak to you however I want."

The other lads intervened and got them to walk off to other parts of the villa to calm down.

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