Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios, The Chainsmokers And NASCAR Team On Rom Com ‘Clean Air’ At Amazon Studios, Alison Rose Greenberg Penning Script

Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios, The Chainsmokers And NASCAR Team On Rom Com ‘Clean Air’ At Amazon Studios, Alison Rose Greenberg Penning Script

August 23, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Studios is getting their engines revved up on a new romantic comedy set in the world of NASCAR with a list of top tier talent on board to help take this project across the finish line. Sources tell Deadline, Westbrook Studios will partner with The Chainsmokers’ Kick The Habit Productions and NASCAR to produce the upcoming romantic comedy feature, Clean Air for Amazon Studios with Younger writer Alison Rose Greenberg set to write the screenplay.

Producers include Will Smith and Jon Mone for Westbrook Studios, with Heather Washington executive producing. Dan Marcus will also produce via Kick the Habit Productions, with Drew Taggart, Alex Pall and Adam Alpert executive producing. Matt Summers and Tim Clark will also executive produce for NASCAR.

The film follows Lyla, an ambitious sports agent who loses her superstar client before the start of NASCAR’s season and decides to take a chance on a rebellious female dirt track racer, seventeen-year-old Piper Kyte. With her career on the line, Lyla’s challenge—getting Piper NASCAR-ready—is only won if she can also reform Piper’s reclusive father, Matthew Kyte, a former NASCAR champion who infamously walked away from the sport and hasn’t been seen in four years.

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Now how did one of the biggest movie star’s production company team up with one of the biggest musical acts in the world to produce a film set in this world and get the company behind one of the biggets sports to back it. Well, like with so many things going on in the world today, the pandemic weirdly played a part in bringing this whole package together.

Sources tell Deadline, when the pandemic hit and led to stay-at-home quarantines being enforced, Taggart and Pall were anxious to get their development slate up and running and specifically want a romantic comedy on that slate. After taking their time working through scripts, Marcus came across Clean Air and got it in front of the guys and were instantly into the story Greenberg had written. Not only that, The Chainsmokers had a strong relationship going back years with NASCAR having performed at a number of races over the years and loved the idea of having a romantic comedy set in the world.

Insiders add it wasn’t long before the script found its way in Westbrooks hands and like Kick the Habit, there wasn’t isn’t appeal as Westbrook shades of Hitch, one of Smith’s most popular rom coms, sprinkled throughout the script and quickly joined Kick The Habit as producers. Sources add while at this time Smith is only a producer and there are no plans to star in the film, he has been very hands on in the process after reacting so strongly to the script and played a big part in selling the sizzle real when it was making its way around town.

As for Greenberg, who cut her teeth in recent years in the Younger writers room, has also got very busy on the film front. She recently adapted her debut novel Bad Luck Bridesmaid into a screenplay for Working Title. The book will be published January 2022 by St. Martin’s Griffin.

Upcoming Westbrook Studios film projects include the remake of the 1980s classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles starring Will Smith and Kevin Hart, Emancipation which sold to Apple in the largest film festival acquisition deal in film history, the highly anticipated King Richard, which is based on the life of Richard Williams, father to tennis greats Serena and Venus and the upcoming sports drama Redd Zone starring Jada Pinkett Smith and the recently announced live action musical fantasy film, Soul Superhero.

Upcoming Kick The Habit Productions have gotten that development moving fast in recent months with projects that include the feature Paris for TriStar Pictures based on The Chainsmokers’ global eponymous smash, Every Nite Is Emo Nite based on the popular concert series Emo Nite and audio-only music competition series Breakthrough for Audible.

Rose Greenberg is represented by CAA, Untitled Entertainment, and Breechen Feldman Breimer Silver Thompson. Kick The Habit Productions and The Chainsmokers are represented by CAA. NASCAR was represented by Alex Kohner & Miles Metcoff at Morris Yorn and in-house attorney Amanda Oliver.

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