Will.i.am admits breaking down in tears over The Voice rejection

Will.i.am admits breaking down in tears over The Voice rejection

December 27, 2022

The Voice: Will.I.Am discusses not turning for contestants

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Emma Willis will return to front The Voice Kids on Boxing Day as the ITV talent show makes its comeback. Will.i.am, Pixie Lott and Danny Jones will also be back on the judging panel and will be joined by the show’s new addition Ronan Keating. Over three nights, viewers will watch a number of youngsters taking to the stage in a bid to impress the coaches.

However, the star-studded panel admittedly couldn’t turn their chairs for every singer, and some were turned away.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press, the Black Eyed Peas singer said he “cries” a lot more filming for the kids’ version as opposed to the adult version.

Will began: “There is empathy for people that are having a second, third or fourth go at materialising their dream.

“And for whatever reason…I can understand why an adult hasn’t materialised their dreams.

“It’s decisions they’ve made or didn’t take the sacrifice when they should have or could have.

“There’s no window of opportunity. So you could imagine those things.

“But for a kid, you’re like, is this going to scar them for the rest of their life? Is this just the beginning of a tripwire for them?

“Like, oh my gosh, if that was my kid, how would I feel?”

“There are so many things where you just want to protect them,” the judge added.

“Because they come in so innocent, don’t they?” Emma weighed in before Will continued: “And that protection in order to protect the kid and having that heart.

“I am not saying I don’t have a heart for an adult, I just don’t know how to protect a person older than me.

“But with a kid, my heart just pours out,” he admitted.

When asked about the parents’ reactions if their child doesn’t make it through, Ronan admitted: “Oh my god, I am glad we don’t get to see the parents.

“I would break if I saw that emotion.”

“There has been a couple of offended ones,” host Emma chipped in. “Mildly.”

The presenter went on to discuss the age ranges of the performers, admitting her daughter would love to perform in front of the judges, but she is not allowed.

“We are very protective of them,” Emma said about her three children. “We let them do certain things, but we also want to make sure they’re measured.

“My six-year-old is desperate to get on that stage. She asks me every time The Voice is on, ‘When can I go and audition?’ and I’m like…’One you’re not allowed to because you’re my daughter and you’re not allowed because you’re not ready’.

“And that’s my job as a parent to make sure that they are okay but my daughter she’s very ready.

“She’s got a fantastic voice, but I will still decide when she’s kind of ready to do that.”

The Voice Kids returns on Boxing Day at 8.30pm on ITV.

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