Why danger-loving divas can't resist a bad boy – from Jesy Nelson's ex-dealer romance to Dani Dyer's fraudster fiance

Why danger-loving divas can't resist a bad boy – from Jesy Nelson's ex-dealer romance to Dani Dyer's fraudster fiance

February 21, 2022

GOOD girls have been attracted to bad boys since time began, and celebrities are no exception.

This week is emerged Jesy Nelson's secret hook-up, Aaron Gage, has a conviction for dealing cocaine.

The model, 25, dated the former Little Mix star, 30, after messaging her on Instagram last year.

Yesterday the The Sun on Sunday revealed that Gage admitted to having Class A drugs with intent to supply at Nottingham Crown Court in 2018.

Under his real name Aaron Mills, he was handed a two-year prison term, suspended for 18 months, for dealing cocaine.

Jesy, who is no longer dating Gage, was unaware of his past conviction, but she wouldn’t be the first to fall for a bloke who lives on the wild side.

Relationship psychotherapist Nancy Elliott says they can be difficult to resist.

“Evolutionary scientists believe that the more masculine a man is, the stronger they are," she explains.

"A lot of these bad boys have a certain look or swagger. It’s almost a primal instinct for women to be drawn to them.

“Most women have dated a bad boy at some point in their life. It’s a mirror reflecting something that they are working through emotionally or how they see themselves.”



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From Lauren Goodger to Gemma Collins, here we reveal the danger-loving divas who can’t resist a bad boy – and what it really says about them.

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer, 25, rekindled her romance with ex Sammy Kimmence after splitting with Love Island co-star Jack Fincham – and they have a one-year-old son, Santiago.

But Kimmence was jailed for three-and-a-half years in April last year after pleading guilty to swindling two pensioners out of £34,000.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 25-year-old duped Peter Martin, 90, and Peter Haynes, 80, into handing over the cash by promising he would invest it for them.

Dani split with him in January last year after hearing the extent of his crimes, but says she will always have a relationship with him because of their son.

"You're tied together by blood and you're always going to have a relationship there," she says. "But there's still a line."

Nancy says: "Bad boys can seem exciting and fun, but dating them can come with enormous consequences.

"Hopefully, as Dani gets older, she will adjust her taste in men, especially as a beautiful little boy is now in the mix. In the end, a gentleman always prevails."

Claire Sweeney

The Brookside star's romance with John Disley was revealed in July 2020, after the pair shared romantic jaunts to Paris and Barbados.

But Disley, 54, is a serial fraudster known as the "King of Marbella", who spent two years banged up for money-making scams.

The proceeds were said to have bought him luxury cars, a swimming-pooled mansion and a £2million yacht moored on Spain's “Costa del Crime”.

The former bouncer was given a two-year jail term for a £213,000 fraud in 2014.

Nancy says: "Bad boys ooze sexuality, rebelliousness, and possess an unmistakable swagger that many women find irresistible. Claire is no exception.

"She may also be attracted by his champagne lifestyle, which can turn heads at any age.

"In my experience, when dealing with older women who repeatedly date bad boys, we might be looking at an unconscious unresolved childhood issue.

"Claire might benefit from doing some work to release her childhood trauma."

Lauren Goodger

Lauren, 35, dated convict Joey Morrisson for two years – while he served time for a string of violent drugs-related crimes.

Morrisson was jailed for 16 years, in 2010, after being convicted of possession of a firearm, kidnapping, blackmail and actual bodily harm.

He was still serving time when the pair started dating in 2016, after knowing each other for years.

The couple were reunited when he was finally released in 2018 but they split soon after.

Lauren later said: "I regret giving two-and-a-half years of my life to someone who was in jail."

The Towie star is pregnant with her second child by ex-Charles Drury, after giving birth to daughter Larose in July.

Danielle Mason

The sister of Jessie Wallace, and star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, was married to cage fighter Tony Giles, who had various brushes with the law including a spell in jail for dangerous driving in 2019.

The couple split the same year and Danielle found love with another former jailbird, Ben Hatchet.

Ben, who was convicted of a string of knife crimes, served time alongside Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in Broadmoor, where the couple had their "first date" when she agreed to be interviewed for his podcast, Let's Be Real.

The 32-year-old has turned his life around since leaving jail last year and is now a published author and a passionate campaigner against gang violence.

The pair split in July last year after five months.

"Ben has proven himself to be reformed and demonstrated a commitment to turning his life around," says Nancy.

"With Ben, Danielle got the best of both worlds. He's a bad boy with the cheekiness and swagger, but one who has understood the error of his ways and has the depth and strength of character to right wrongs."

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss, 48, famously went off the rails while dating Libertines frontman Pete Doherty, 43, for two years.

The pair met in 2005 and model Kate had an on-off relationship with the drug addict.

"The thing is, she knew from day one when we began our relationship that I was using very heavily. She knew that. So, you can't suddenly turn around and say, 'You've got to stop all that'," Pete told the Independent.

Nancy said: “Someone who works in an industry where beauty and perfection are celebrated might struggle with the pressure this brings.

“Dating someone messy or dangerous might be a sign that they are seeking a balance in their lives or an escape.”

Gillian Taylforth

EastEnders actress Gillian Taylforth, 66, broke off her engagement to drug baron Dave Fairbairn, 65, in December 2020.

Fairbairn served seven years in jail after being found guilty in 2003 of plotting to import one of the biggest ecstasy hauls seized in the UK.

In July 2020,he was shot in the stomach as he met gangsters who threatened to burn down Taylforth’s home.

The pair were engaged for seven years before the split and Gillian said: “I was distracted and said yes and then I thought about what I'd just agreed to. I'm thinking about wedding plans but I still haven't set a date yet – sometimes I think I should just go for it but then I get a bit panicked.

"I guess my attitude to marriage is sometimes if it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

Nancy says: “Sometimes if men or women have had a hurtful past or lacked love growing up they can struggle to recognise when it’s time to draw a line in the sand.”

Jessie Wallace

When Kat Slater actress Jessie, 50, first joined EastEnders she was in a relationship with Reggie Kray associate Paul Whitworth, but it didn't last.

Years later she called off her 2011 wedding to Vince Morse after she caught him sending sexy texts to an ex-girlfriend the night before.

A friend of Jessie’s said at the time: “She called him every name under the sun. When she read it was known she’d agreed to meet him after what he’d done, she flipped.”

Nancy urges Jessie to focus on herself rather than doomed relationships.

She says: “Repeatedly making the same mistakes is a sign that someone has issues with their own self-worth.

“This is a long term issue which means you need to learn to love yourself.”

Ariana Grande

The Thank U Next singer, 28, was famously engaged to Saturday Night Live bad boy Pete Davidson, 28 – who is now dating Kim Kardashian.

The comic openly admits smoking marijuana and in 2017 checked into rehab.

Nancy says: “A lot of us women in youth will go through a phase of wanting to date complicated men as a rite of passage.

“If your developmental path is a healthy one, you are likely to move past this and find a wholesome partner.”

Gemma Collins

In her twenties Gemma had a relationship with convicted drug dealer Alexander Moss and claimed her beat her "everywhere from the neck down".

He has denied the claims but, in 2019, he was jailed for breaking his partner's arm in a savage attack that forced her to leap from a first floor window to escape.

The GC, now 41, also had an on-off romance with recovering cocaine addict James Argent, 35, for 10 years.

In a recent documentary, Gemma said she found it hard to accept love and admitted her bad relationships were a "form of self-harm".

She is now in a stable relationship with car mechanic Rami Hawesh, who owns his own business.

“People who are used to the limelight and have grown up with friends and family cheering them on often might neglect their emotional education," says Nancy.

“This can result in them going for partners who don’t treat them well because they find it hard to tap into their needs.”

Chloe Green

The Topshop heiress, 31, shocked everyone by cosying up to ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks, 38.

Meeks shot to fame after his mugshot racked up 75,000 likes when it was posted on Facebook in 2014 by a US police department.

He turned to modelling on his release from a two-year jail sentence for gun possession and resisting arrest after already serving nine years for car theft.

Chloe started dating the ex-con in 2017 and the couple had son Jayden, now three, a year later.

Jeremy said: “I love Chloe for her and if she didn't have a dollar I wouldn't give a s**t because we're so happy."

The pair split in 2019 and Chloe has since been spotted with yacht broker Manuele Thiella.

Nancy feels the romance may have been a way of privileged Chloe to break free from the restraints of her wealthy family.

She says: “Many intelligent girls who have powerful parents choose a bad boy in an unconscious attempt to figure out who they are, what they like and break free from what can feel like an empty, inauthentic existence.

“They want to make their own mistakes and choices.”

Vicky Pattison

Geordie Shore star Vicky, 33, has finally found love with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan but her past boyfriends leave a lot to be desired.

Her romance with Stephen Bear ended in 2015 after the reality star discovered he’d been unfaithful.

She said: “He's literally been the most vile, horrendous, snaky, conniving and manipulative person I have ever met. I'm truly shocked that I've allowed myself to get so taken in – but there you go. Love is blind, or in my case, blind, deaf, stupid."

She then split with ex-fiance John Noble in 2018 after he was caught on camera canoodling with a mystery woman in Dubai.

Nancy says strong-willed Vicky was looking for the wrong types of men before settling down.

She explains: “Strong women will naturally want to seek out a strong partner. However a problem arises when they struggle to recognise what a strong man looks like.”

But Vicky’s luck has now changed – hopefully ending her spell of past dating disasters.

She said of Ercan: “He’s so different from anyone I’ve ever met before and I catch myself thinking: ‘Are you real? Are you an actual human being?’ Cos this is not something I’ve had before."

If you need help finding your soulmate, find more tips from Nancy at nancyelliottcoaching.com.

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