Who voted for Gabby on Survivor? Ponderosa gets new tenant

Who voted for Gabby on Survivor? Ponderosa gets new tenant

December 6, 2018

It was not a good night for Gabby on Survivor. Instead of making the top seven, she was sent to Ponderosa.

At the start of the episode, family members and loved ones of the final eight castaways joined them on the beach. It was a pivotal moment in the episode and the season.

Gabby, who had been working with Christian for most of Survivor 37, saw Christian interact with his girlfriend, Emily. Whether it was jealousy or she decided to stand on her own, Gabby suddenly started targeting Christian.

As the Tribal Council approached, it was clear that Gabby and Nick (from the Mason-Dixon alliance) were pushing hard to vote off Christian. It didn’t work.

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Who voted for Gabby on Survivor?

At Tribal Council, Christian figured out that he was about to get voted off of the show. This led to Christian using his Immunity Idol, canceling out the five votes that had been placed for him. It meant someone else was going to Ponderosa.

When host Jeff Probst read out the votes, it was revealed that Gabby had two votes and Alison had one vote. It meant that Gabby was heading to Ponderosa instead of the top eight.

So who voted for Gabby on Survivor? It was Mike and Angelina, who clearly didn’t know what was about to happen at Tribal Council.

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The former David tribe is in trouble again, as there are now four former Goliath members to their numbers of three. It’s going to be difficult for anyone from the former David tribe to win the show, but the hidden Immunity Idol may be back in play.

As for Gabby, Ponderosa now has its sixth tenant.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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