Where's Rebecca White on Emmerdale and is Lachlan going to murder her?

Where's Rebecca White on Emmerdale and is Lachlan going to murder her?

January 28, 2022

REBECCA White is believed to be murdered after Lachlan appeared to suffocate her in an Emmerdale cliffhanger.

So is she really dead? Here’s all you need to know.

Did Lachlan White kill Rebecca?

Lachlan certainly tried to add Rebecca – played by Emily Head – to his body count after she walked in on him trying to kill Robert and Liv Flaherty by rigging their boiler and fiddling with the batteries on their carbon monoxide alarm.

Panicking at seeing Robert – who is dad to her baby Seb – and Liv unconscious at the Mill Cottage, Rebecca told Lachlan that they needed to call an ambulance.

But Lachlan – Thomas Atkinson – menacingly grabbed her wrist and took her phone off of her.

We then saw the teen serial killer crying while stuffing something into the boot of his car, while covered in blood.

Lachlan then used Rebecca’s phone to text Robert, telling him she’d gone to Ibiza to join a friend who invited her out there.

Rebecca was kept in a shack in the woods by Lachlan before he was seen trying to suffocate her.

Why is everyone getting suspicious?

Lydia Hart started questioning Lachlan when she found Rebecca’s memory book in the boot of his car.

She confronted Lachlan, who lied to her saying Rebecca must’ve left it in the car before she went to the airport.

Robert became suspicious when Lachlan lost his cool in the pub after being questioned about Rebecca.

He lost his temper and storms out of his birthday celebrations in the pub, leaving Robert worried and wanting to search Rebecca’s room for some clues on her whereabouts.

But what he finds there will leave him shocked. What is it?



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Is Rebecca White alive?

Some Emmerdale fans have taken to Twitter to share their theory that Rebecca isn’t really dead.

Because a body wasn't seen, viewers are convinced that Rebecca could have survived Lachlan's attack and is crawling out of her no doubt shallow grave.

One wrote: "There is no logical reason for Becca to be dead, regardless of Lachlans remorseful face at the end."

A second said: "Are we to think that he's buried her up to her neck in the ground and then gagged her?!

"Or tied her to a tree and gagged her? I'm not desperate for her to be dead, and am quite liking her current incarnation. I don't even mind her with Ross. But I'm struggling to think what the show was telling us tonight, if Rebecca isn't dead!"

Another added: "Get Rebecca White to climb out of the grave, and not dead, just injured but Survives, And gets Lachlan White done in." As we've now found out Rebecca is still alive.

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