Where is Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest Race filmed? Full map and route

Where is Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest Race filmed? Full map and route

August 14, 2020

BEAR Grylls is back on the box with his most gruelling show yet.

World's Toughest Race will see teams from across the world compete in challenge that takes them around Fiji.

Where is Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest Race filmed?

World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji has dropped on Amazon Prime Video TODAY (August 14, 2020).

It is hosted by survival expert Bear Grylls and one of his toughest challenges yet.

Here we take you through the route and where the show is filmed.


The adventure begins at Draubuta Village in the Wainibokasi River and across to Nakelo before crossing the ocean to Ovalau, the sixth largest island in Fiji.

Ovalau is defined by its rugged topography, with little flat land apart from the Lovoni Valley in the centre of the island.

From there, the teams will travel back to Fiji and through the district of Verata.

They’ll also travel through Serua and the tough Wainimala river.

Much of the country is uninhabited and remote, and villages maintain an ancient South Pacific tribal value system governed by local chiefs.

The race will eventually finish in Mana island, which is the epicentre of Fiji’s Mamanuca chain of islands.

During the expedition, teams will mountain bike remote trails to towering waterfalls, paddle down white water rivers, negotiate narrow gorges, navigate and trek over mountain ranges and highlands, and bushwhack through intense jungles to remote villages.

What is Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest about?

11 teams from across the world will compete in the challenge.

They will brave 100s of miles of rugged and inhospitable Fijian terrain complete with mountains, jungles and oceans.

The 10-episode survivalist show will feature 66 people competing non-stop for 11 days, 24 hours a day in the ultimate expedition race.

They will cover 671 kilometres (417 miles) of terrain in a test of physical and mental endurance.

What has Bear Grylls said about World’s Toughest?

In August 2020 Bear told The Yorkshire Post: “Fiji was an incredible setting for the World’s Toughest Race, just because it’s harsh, you know, people think of it as a beautiful, Pacific island, but don’t be deceived.

“It’s huge and it has everything.

"So, we had races going for 671 kilometres, huge distances, across high mountains that are freezing cold, down to 100 per cent humidity rainforests, miles of swamps, grasslands, rivers.”

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