When Will June Get Out of Gilead in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’

When Will June Get Out of Gilead in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’

July 11, 2019

The Handmaid’s Tale has utterly consumed the world since its release on Hulu in 2017. It’s impossible to not get hooked on this show and feel compelled to scream at the television screen almost every week while watching.

The Handmaid’s Tale follows June (Elisabeth Moss), or Offred, as she is known in Gilead. The show is based off the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood of the same name. Gilead is a totalitarian society in parts of what used to be the United States. June is trapped there in Gilead away from her family and separated from her daughter, Hannah, which ultimately keeps her in that terrible place.

Will June ever retrieve her daughter in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale?’

June’s daughter Hannah is living with a different family. So far in season three, we see June trying desperately to find her and escape Gilead with her. At the end of season two, we saw June give her newborn daughter to Emily (Alexis Bledel), or Ofglen. Emily and June’s daughter Nichole escape to Canada and find freedom. June chooses to stay behind and find Hannah. She refuses to leave her in Gilead.

In last week’s episode, we see another of June’s plans go nowhere as she tries to meet up with her daughter. She persuaded Mrs. Lawrence to leave the house and come with her. Unfortunately, neither of them got into the school as the guard who was supposed to let them in was off duty. June did get to hear Hannah’s voice though, albeit through a wall.

Where has Hannah gone?

Unable to set eyes on her daughter, Junelater discovers that another handmaid, her walking partner, OfMatthew, hastold on her. Consequently, the Martha who helped June see Hannah was hangedalong with others. June now has no idea where her daughter has gone or if shewill be able to rescue her now.

The gut-wrenching episode was enough to make anyone breakdown. It’s hard to see such a lovable character constantly get beaten down ineach and every installment. The devastation was felt by all when June listenedto her darling daughter from beyond the wall.

Will June and Hannah ever get out of Gilead?

At this rate, it doesn’t look like Hannah is anywherenearby. OfMatthew saw to that when she snitched on June and the Martha. Hannahhas been moved somewhere, probably far away from June. She must now doeverything in her power to find her daughter and leave Gilead forever.

How will June find her? Probably within her network ofunderground do-gooders. Somehow, she will find her daughter. That’s all she hasnow. Considering Nick has betrayed her in the worst way.

Nick’s betrayal of June hits deep

This season has been a whirlwind for June. Her daughter Nichole has found her family and safety in Canada. June herself is stuck in a hell like no other. She now knows that Nick is not who he claims to be. A Swiss delegate shows up to speak with June. This all goes down in D.C. as the Waterfords try to put diplomatic pressure on Canada to release Nichole back to Gilead.

June wants desperately for Nicholeto stay in Canada. She tries to talk to Nick about speaking to the Swissdelegate as the father of the child. The key to everything was Nick. Initially,the delegates promise June that Nichole will stay in Canada if Nick spills importantdetails and secrets about Gilead.

The delegate meets with Nick and visits June one last time to tell her that whoever Nick is, he isn’t someone they can do business with. The Swiss researched Nick and he is someone “not to be trusted.”

Serena spills the beans to June on Nick

Serena Waterford (Hannah McKay) finally spills the beans toJune on who Nick really is. Nick served Gilead before becoming Fred’s driver. Shehints that he “was a solider in the crusade. We wouldn’t be here withouthim.” There was something eerily sinister in the way she said it.

It’s plain that Nick was involved in some shady activitieson behalf of Gilead. June now knows the father of her child is not who shethought he was, and is certainly not to be trusted.

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