What’s set to be the viral moment at this year’s Oscars?

What’s set to be the viral moment at this year’s Oscars?

February 24, 2019

After a shambolic buildup that saw it backtracking on a popular film category, Kevin Hart's hosting gig and an unpopular attempt to move some of its technical awards to commercial breaks, the Oscars finally take place on Monday.

Yalitza Aparicio in Roma, which has 10 Oscar nominations.Credit:Netflix

"BlacKkKlansman was nominated and, judging by the upper and lower case letters in the title, it's also a wifi password."

"If Beale Street Could Talk I think it would say, 'Ouch, stop driving on me!' Seriously, we agreed to host this really last-minute."

Not exactly belly-achers, but the alternative is Christian Bale doing improv. I'd go with the leftovers.

The shock winners

Of course, the show's viral moments will largely lie with any surprise prize-getters. Black Panther winning Best Picture, for example, would destroy the internet, not to mention the souls of highbrow film critics and Disney cynics. A nod to Roma would all but complete Netflix's domination of Hollywood, while a directing win for Spike Lee would be a crowd-pleasing moment only 30 years overdue (RIP Radio Raheem).

Glenn Close is favoured to take out Best Actress for The Wife.Credit:AP

The Best Actor category seems a lock for Rami Malek, but what if Lady Gaga somehow leapfrogged Glenn Close for Best Actress? Imagine the post-ceremony commotion! Imagine the confused looks from future generations as they researched the prevailing film canon on their hologram wristwatches! "Really, her?" they'll say, the same way we point to Gwyneth Paltrow's win for Shakespeare in Love and laugh.

Which, in the end, is the ultimate hope for any Oscars telecast: laughter for children of the future. Break a leg, Oscars.

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