What was Diversity's BLM dance on BGT 2020?

What was Diversity's BLM dance on BGT 2020?

September 8, 2020

DIVERSITY are a dance group that found fame through winning the third series of Britain's Got Talent.

They came back to the show to make a special guest performance on the current series, but it has since been the subject of over 1,100 complaints.

What happened in the dance?

The dance was emotive and clearly commented on topical issues facing both British and global society.

It began with a voice over as a father figure set out to explain the state of the world to his son, and after getting to the conoravirus pandemic, the voice over said: "People dusted off their instincts, and noticed something more sinister.

"Another disease deep-rooted in our system: fear, hate and ignorance, but racism was the symptom."

This was said while depicting the momentous death of George Floyd.

Other references to cultural moments surrounding his death – such as taking the knee and police brutality – were also incorporated into the dance.

The soundtrack to the performance at one point repeated "I can't breathe", again drawing on the horrifying lead up to George Floyd's death.

The four minute routine represented recent events and how they've brought racism to the forefront of the minds of many.

It can be watched at the end of the article.

What has the reaction to the dance been?

Ashley Banjo's dance has sparked both praise and outrage from BGT viewers.

The talented dancer posted on Twitter, commenting on the range of reactions.

"So much to say… But I’ll Just let the performance talk. Thousands of messages of Love and support – Thank you.

"For the thousands of messages of hate and ignorance – Thank you. You highlight exactly what needs to change. Sending nothing but love to you all."

Fans rushed to comment on how "powerful" and "moving" the dance was.

BGT co-host Dec Donnelly also branded the performance as "powerful".

Others felt the dance was too political and not best placed on the family entertainment show, prompting over 1,100 Ofcom complaints.

Ashley said after the performance: "This performance is extremely special to me and the rest of Diversity.

"2020 has been an incredible moment in history for both positive and negative reasons.

"We wanted to use the platform we've been given to make our voices heard, express how the events of this year have made us feel and think about how we might look back on them in the future. We call it hindsight 2020."

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