What *Really* Happened to Oscar in 'On My Block' Season 4?

What *Really* Happened to Oscar in 'On My Block' Season 4?

October 18, 2021


As we’ve seen before in On My Block, not every character makes it out in one piece, and fans learned that the hard way with Oscar. Our favorite former Santos leader aka Spooky seemed to finally turn his life around at the beginning of season 4. Now away from the gang, Oscar started a new life that included a loving girlfriend, a solid job, and a baby on the way. But, as we already know, the block never forgets your past.

Being a former member of the Santos, Oscar still had a big target on his back, and all it took was one small breakdown in a deal with the other gangs around Freeridge for him to land himself in danger. So what exactly happened to Oscar?

Here’s everything you need to know about Oscar’s fate in On My Block.

Did Oscar survive the final season?

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Oscar at the end of episode 5. While fans were getting ready to see him off anyway as he had plans to move to Portland, things took a turn for the worse when he was killed outside his house.

How did Oscar die?

Cesar decided last minute to visit his brother and leave with him. As the two were about to celebrate, Oscar was shot and left for dead in his front yard. Cesar was with him in his final moments as Oscar looked at him and smiled before he died.

Who killed Oscar?

While Cesar tried hard to figure out who was behind his brother’s death, fans actually never learned who ultimately pulled the trigger.

After talking with his father and friends, Cesar was inspired by his brother’s new life and decided to leave the Santos entirely. He discovered that Oscar already settled things with the gang, and with a new perspective on life, Cesar chose to help support his future niece by moving to Portland for college to help raise her.

Why did Oscar die in On My Block?

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, actor Julio Macias revealed that he actually asked for Oscar to die because of the many things the character did over the years.

“I always told [series creator] Lauren [Iungerich] that there had to be a consequence for Oscar. We couldn’t let him be a role model. Whether it was jail or this. It’s the harsh reality of this particular character,” he said.

“Happy is not the right word, but I’m happy that what happened to him happened to him once he got out instead of going down in a blaze of glory robbing a bank. It gives the audience the emotional depth of losing someone who you didn’t think that you were going to mourn,” Julio continued. “‘Why am I mourning this bad man? This gangbanger?’ It’s because he’s a human being. Cesar is going to have a better life now and Isabel is going to have a tough time raising that kid. I think that kid is gonna grow up resentful, but hopefully proud of what her father did at some point.”

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