‘What is up with you today?’ GB News’ Gallacher hits out over Simon McCoy’s ‘bad mood’

‘What is up with you today?’ GB News’ Gallacher hits out over Simon McCoy’s ‘bad mood’

August 10, 2021

GB News: Simon McCoy rules out Strictly appearance

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Kirsty Gallacher and Simon McCoy were joined by comedian Dave Chawner on the Great British Breakfast to talk about the headlines trending in the UK. Topics ranged from Greggs inspired nail art to the A-level results but it seems GB News host Simon wasn’t too impressed with the selection of stories Dave had chosen, leading Kirsty to hit out at his bad mood.

“You are brilliant aren’t you? Inject that bit of energy that we need,” Kirsty told Dave.

Simon agreed: “Cheer us up,” but Kirsty wasn’t impressed with his attitude.

“What is up with you today?” she asked Simon, who replied: “I beg your pardon.”

“You’re not in the best mood ever are you?” Kirsty continued as Simon looked off camera in disbelief.

“You’re going back to the A-level results isn’t it?”

Looking to their co-star, Simon commented: “She asks why I’m not doing Strictly Come Dancing and wonders why I’m in a bad mood since.”

“Don’t you think Dave, it’s going to happen,” Kirsty continued as Simon shook his head.

Simon laughed: “Good luck with that, we’ll start a petition,” as his colleagues started making costume suggestions, he added: “I’ll be sponsored by St. John’s Ambulance, that’s the only person sponsoring me.”

One of the stories discussed on Tuesday morning involved Ozzy the cat who’d gone missing and returned years later.

Dave explained: “In Newton Abbott, a missing cat has been reunited with its owners after being missing for 13 years.

“After that sort of length of time how do you know it’s the same cat? It could just be a different cat.

“But apparently it was at a holiday park and it was eight miles away for the past 13 years.

“Its name is Ozzy and it’s been reunited with its owner Natalie after 13 years. She insists it’s the same cat.”

“What a sweet story,” Kirsty commented with Dave replying: “It is a sweet story.”

But Simon wanted clarification as he cut in: “Hang on, tire’s a lot of questions raised by that story.

“Has she replaced it? is there another cat sitting in its place?”

“Very good point,” Dave agreed as Kirsty added: “Why did it come back after all these years?”

“Did it enjoy the holiday park?” Simon also asked.

Dave answered: “I think Simon wants a feline turf war,” as Kirsty told her co-star: “He’s on one anyway today.

“He’s on the warpath.”

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