What is the 'headbanger' on Dancing on Ice, when has it been performed and why's the bounce spin illegal in figure skating?

What is the 'headbanger' on Dancing on Ice, when has it been performed and why's the bounce spin illegal in figure skating?

February 3, 2019

However, some moves on ice are risky, particularly in the hands of relative novices like the Dancing on Ice contestants – and the notorious headbanger may just be the most fraught of the lot. Here's why it's banned in figure skating…

What is the headbanger ice dancing lift?

The death-defying headbanger – or bounce spin – ice dancing lift involves a skater being picked up by the ankle and spun around by their partner.

During the risky move, the skater being swung is raised and lowered with their head often coming perilously close to the ice.

Due to the danger involved with the routine, it is actually banned by the International Skating Union (ISU), which governs competitive skating disciplines.

However, while performing the headbanger will result in points deduction in any ISU event, it can be performed in exhibition or show skating.

Who has performed the headbanger on Dancing on Ice?

Jake Quickenden left fans "cringing in fear" when he became the first celeb to pull out the death-defying lift on Dancing on Ice 2018.

He performed the move with his partner Vanessa Baueras as they danced to Robbie Williams' "Let Me Entertain You".

The X Factor and I'm A Celebrity star said: "She puts that much trust in me and it makes me feel quite good about myself that she trusts me.

"The fact she puts her trust in me makes me feel great about it."

To add to the drama, their decision to make the move was left until the last minute as Vanessa was quarantined with a bug just days before the final performance.

However, they managed to pull it off in style and went home with a stellar score of 36 out of 40 in the judges' vote.

They were by no means the first pair to perform the headbanger in the show's history, although it is far rare for a male celebrity to attempt it.

David Seaman infamously dropped his partner Pam O'Connor when trying the headbanger during a 2006 dress rehearsal, although 2011 winner Sam Allwater nailed it with Brianne Delcourt.

Female celebrities who've given the dangerous manoeuvre a whirl include Jorgie Porter, Beth Tweddle and Samia Ghadie.

Donna Air revealed that she had been banned from engaging in the stomach-churning move on the 2018 series.

The former Byker Grove star said: "Apparently I’m too tall for the headbanger, I’ve been ruled out of the headbanger already.

"But I don’t think that gets me off Scot-free, I’m sure they’ll come up with something else for me."

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