What is Chuggs' bucket hat business Booby Buckets?

What is Chuggs' bucket hat business Booby Buckets?

July 1, 2021

THIS Thursday's (1 July, 2021) Love Island episode will shake things up by introducing a new islander.

But in addition to his quest for love, which he will begin at 9pm after Shannon's dumping, Chuggs Wallis runs his own business.

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What is Chuggs' bucket hat business Booby Buckets?

Love Island's 2019 Ovie Soko isn't the only bucket hat connoisseur.

Chuggs, the newest Love Island 2021 contestant making his debut in episode four of the programme's seventh series, became an entrepreneur.

The newcomer, who is apparently friendly with another islander off-camera, created his own brand of bucket hats called Booby Buckets.

Booby Buckets sells reversible bucket hats, with prices ranging from £15 to £35, as well as beanies, caps and boonies.


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When did Chuggs launch Booby Buckets?

Chuggs – whose real name is actually Oliver George Lee Wallis – launched his business in June, 2020, following the first lockdown.

He got to work as soon after he graduated Oxford Brookes University, in Oxford.

The journey began with sports clubs due to Chuggs' passion for rugby.

Chuggs' brand has since worked with "hundreds of universities, sports clubs, schools and businesses."

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What does the name Booby Buckets mean?

Although the name of the brand may provoke some chuckles, Booby Buckets was actually inspired by the Blue Footed Booby bird, found in Galapagos, as the company's official website suggests.

"This quirky creature has striking electric blue feet & a real sense of individuality making it the perfect face for our brand", the website reads.

As the bird became the brand's mascot, Booby Buckets soon had the opportunity to partner up with the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT).

The organisation is said to "work tirelessly to protect, educate & research the Galapagos Islands and its famous inhabitants", including the eccentric blue footed bird.

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