What If on Netflix: How many episodes are in What If?

What If on Netflix: How many episodes are in What If?

May 24, 2019

Netflix has nabbed Oscar winner and star of Bridget Jones’s Diary Renée Zellweger for its latest series What/If. The show has been described as a neo-noir thriller with Zellweger at the centre as successful, cold-blooded businesswoman Anne Montgomery who makes a young couple an offer they can’t refuse. What/If will see the couple put to the test as they struggle to cope with the terms of Anne’s offer with devastating consequences.

How many episodes are in What If on Netflix?

What/If will be released on Netflix globally on Friday, May 24 at 8am BST in the UK.

There will be a total of 10 episodes in the show which will be dropped in one go for audiences across the globe to binge over the weekend.

The drama is being billed as an anthology series, suggesting What/If will be looking at multiple characters and storylines.


What is What If on Netflix about?

What/If starts off with a young married couple Lisa (played by Jane Levy) and Sean Donovan (Blake Jenner) on the brink of bankruptcy living in San Francisco.

Lisa is an entrepreneur with a start-up company on the brink of collapse and looking for an investor to give her business a desperately-needed cash injection.

Sean is making ends meet juggling two jobs as a paramedic and barman.

After a chance encounter between Sean and Anne at the bar where he works, Lisa is given a one-in-a-lifetime chance to pitch to the business magnate for investment.

However, things are far from simple when the meeting finally takes place with Anne demanding one night alone with Lisa’s husband – the catch being Sean can never discuss the events of the evening.

Lisa reluctantly agrees but soon regrets it and tries to go back on the deal but it’s too late.

The events of that evening are set to change Lisa and Sean’s lives and possibly their marriage forever as they are wracked with guilt and paranoia.

What/If will be looking at seemingly upstanding characters who are put in moral quandaries.

Anne seems to be at the heart of the conflict and the puppet master manipulating people, who are mere pawns in her game of money and power.

The show is likely to explore Anne’s background and her motivations as well rather than just an all-out.

What/If falls very much into the vein of Penn Badgley series You with the same, trashy, guilty pleasure tone that is likely to make it binge-worthy.

Speaking about the show, Zellweger told Extra TV: “A lot of care went into this stylistically, in the writing obviously and to was a lot of fun. It feels like a film to me.”

Star Levy added: “It’s a morality test. It’s like what do you do when you make a deal with the devil?”

Writer Michael Kelley met with Zellweger and said the inspiration for the character was Mrs Robinson – played by Anne Bancroft – from 1968 film The Graduate.

Zellweger explained to ITV’s Lorraine: “He said, ‘Imagine if Mrs Robinson had taken that power and her sexual and sensual power and her self-loathing and anger.

“Instead of spiralling to alcoholism and into the arms of the boy down the street, what if she channelled that into building something? What if she was proactive? What if she created a situation for herself where she could manipulate her environment and the people in her life instead of the converse?’

“I thought, ‘Send me the wardrobe!’”

What/If will be released on Netflix on Friday, May 24

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