What Does Kate Middleton Do with All Her Dresses? – The Cheat Sheet

What Does Kate Middleton Do with All Her Dresses? – The Cheat Sheet

December 6, 2018

As someone always attending official engagements and ceremonies, Kate Middleton wears a lot of dresses. And, for the most part, we rarely see her repeat one of her looks. What does Kate Middleton do with all her dresses? Up ahead we take a closer look at the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe habits, including why we usually don’t see her in the same dress twice.

Kate Middleton doesn’t always repeat her dresses. | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

What does Kate Middleton do with all her dresses?

Because they are constantly in the public eye, celebrities (including members of the royal family) don’t typically wear the same thing twice. However, Kate Middleton tackles her extensive wardrobe a bit differently than other celebrities and members of the family. What does Kate Middleton do with all her dresses? Find out, ahead.

She borrows them

Believe it or not, many of the looks seen on Kate Middleton are likely borrowed from designers. Since they don’t typically wear the same outfit twice, it’s common for celebrities and royals to borrow looks — especially dresses that are more of a commitment like the ballgowns Kate Middleton wears to State Dinners.

In addition to borrowing dresses, Kate Middleton likely borrows some of her shoes, handbags, coats, and fascinators, too. And, she, of course, borrows crown jewels from the queen’s collection.

She displays them at Buckingham Palace

After her wedding in 2011, Kate Middleton lent her wedding dress to Buckingham Palace curators for an exclusive exhibit that showcased the royal wedding. Her Alexander McQueen gown, veil, and Cartier Halo Tiara were all displayed for royal fans to see upon their visit to Buckingham Palace.

She wears them again

Unlike other celebrities and members of royalty, Kate Middleton has no problem wearing the same thing twice. In fact, she’s repeated many pieces of her wardrobe, including dresses, coats, jeans, shoes, and — of course — crown jewels.

Despite the repetition, Kate Middleton does try to switch it up by not wearing the same exact outfit twice. Instead, she pairs her favorite jeans with a new top or wears one of her dresses again with a different overcoat.

She stores them for safe keeping

It is likely that the Duchess of Cambridge also likes to hold onto various pieces — whether she plans on wearing them again or not — for safe keeping. The reason behind it could be to share with her daughter one day, or participate in a dress exhibition (much like Princess Diana’s dress showcase at Kensington Palace).

Holding onto some of her most iconic looks could also serve causes close to Kate Middleton’s heart, as she might also choose to auction them off for charity one day.

She has a staff take care of her official wardrobe

For official duties, Kate Middleton likely has a team that focuses on what the Duchess of Cambridge wears to events and ensures no wardrobe malfunctions ever happen. This team is likely the same one that helps divide up her garments into borrowed items, items she wants to keep, and items to have on rotation.

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