Watch again! EastEnders boss reveals flash-forward has huge clues to who dies

Watch again! EastEnders boss reveals flash-forward has huge clues to who dies

February 21, 2023

You are likely, like us, to have many questions after watching this week’s flash-forward scenes of EastEnders, in which six women appear to have killed a man in the Queen Vic.

It was under a minute long, but show boss Chris Clenshaw has urged us all to peel our eyes as wide open as we can – as there are some clues as to who the victim is in there.

After a lock-in during present day saw the characters Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) raise a toast to one another; we were zipped ahead to Christmas 2023.

Haven’t even started our shopping yet, the pressure.

There were certainly no smiles this time; the women, dressed up to the nines, were staring aghast at a lifeless body on the floor.

Stacey had hands covered in blood and Denise was holding a broken champagne bottle.

Sharon, clad in a wedding dress, knelt down and confirmed the worst fears – the person is dead.

Let the speculation begin!

Naturally, EastEnders won’t reveal the outcome for almost a year, but your first point of investigation should be revisiting the scene of the crime, says producer Chris.

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‘I’m not going to give anything away that the episode hasn’t already given, but what I will say is there were clues in there. Did you look closely? I urge everyone to re-watch the scene and look at every detail.

‘There’s also a few treats in the scene if you look hard enough. What I’d also say is that a lot can happen in Walford between February and December – circumstances can change, relationships can change, loyalties can change – so what you may suspect now could be somewhat different as we make our way through 2023 and head towards Christmas.’

Also with theories are the six actresses themselves, who are currently little less in the dark than ourselves.

So what do they reckon?

Balvinder’s theory

‘There’s so many people. I think it could have been any one of the six women involved, they’ve all got a motive. I would like it to be Suki, because I think it adds an extra dangerous element to her but who knows?

‘In terms of who meets their fate, it could literally be anyone. I think it could be Keanu, it could be Rocky, it could be Nish, it could be somebody who hasn’t been in the show for a long time, it could be somebody new who comes in. And I think maybe all of the women might be involved.’

Diane’s theory

‘I don’t dare say who it is, because I’m quite good at guessing things and I don’t want to say it and blow it. But in terms of whodunnit, I don’t know why but I think it’s me.

‘I’m really scared it’s me, so I might have to make some plans, because I might be going down. If anyone out there can help me, help me (laughs). But no, I have absolutely no idea, and it could be any one of us because there’s so many strong stories going on with all six of us.

‘We call ourselves ‘the six’ and with all of us we’re all driving towards a very clear point in terms of trouble, problems with the men in our lives, so there’s a lot going on for all of us so it literally could be any one of us.’

Letitia’s theory

‘Oh I wish I had an idea, but at the minute I think it’s so open – and I have been through a few of these storylines before and I rarely get them right – so I’m sure over the next year I’ll change my mind a thousand times, but it would purely be guesswork at this point!’

Kellie’s theory

‘This is all guess work on my behalf, but in my mind I haven’t done it. But that is just based on nothing other than what I think or felt when we were filming it.

‘I’ve got a feeling, I had a very strong feeling, or more of an idea that the victim was going to be a really big player in this show and I’ve slightly changed my mind, and I think it might be someone who is not in the show yet. A character that we’re yet to meet.

‘If I had to put money on it, I don’t think it’s me and I don’t think it’s Di [Diane Parish]. I also think it could be a group thing, with the women all protecting each other but who knows, they could be protecting Linda!’

Lacey’s theory

‘When we first had the meeting about the storyline, I immediately thought it was someone who wasn’t in Albert Square yet. I don’t think it’s a character that is actually on the show at the moment, but the more that time goes on, and the more the six of us have chatted away, I feel like it’s an accidental death.

‘I don’t think it has been done on purpose, and I think that it’s more of a group effort rather than one sole person, and if it is one individual, then I think all of the women are covering for them.

‘I think we all might know something we shouldn’t know and we’re all covering for each other, and maybe the person hasn’t been killed?

‘In terms of who meets their fate, I have a certain person in mind at the moment, but I think my guess is too obvious and I’m probably wrong.’

Gillian’s theory

‘The six of us get together and think ‘who do you think it is’, ‘who do you think it could be’, ‘what do you think is going to happen’ and we’ve picked our brains and gone through every single male member of the cast, but we still can’t come up with the answer!’

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