Virgin River star sparks panic with health concern: ‘Wonder if I should go to hospital’

Virgin River star sparks panic with health concern: ‘Wonder if I should go to hospital’

August 12, 2022

Virgin River stars reveal baby fatherhood drama

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Alexandra Breckenridge, star of Netflix’s hit show Virgin River, left her followers worried after she asked them advice about some contaminated milk. The actress, who portrays a nurse practitioner, also questioned if she required a trip to the hospital. 

Leading the cast of Virgin River is Alexandra, who plays Mel Monroe in the series.

On Wednesday, the actress took to her Instagram stories to ask her followers for a bit of advice.

“My husband just forwarded me an email from Amazon telling me this oat milk that I drank was contaminated,” the actress began.

“It’s good because I ordered it a month ago and I’ve since drunk it all, no wonder I’ve been feeling like c**p.”

Alexandra continued: “I wonder if I should go to the hospital and get my organs checked out. 

“So gross, so gross,” she added before asking her fans: “What do you do, what do you do in this situation, what is there to do?”

After her story was reposted by the fan page, Virgin River Moments, many fans took to the comments with panic. 

While some were concerned for the actress, others were also cringed by the thought of ingesting contaminated milk. 

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A viewer @theresa.annmarie advised: “You need to get [an] extensive panel of blood work right away! Hope you feel better.” (sic)

A second fan @fazeedasalamat commented: “Please do…just to be cautious.. maybe they can flush out your stomach?? Please look after you.” (sic)

@debrachaplin was able to relate and wrote: “We drink the milk that was recalled too. Stomach upset. I think your body usually flushes it out”

A concerned @alison.preston.731 added: “Oh sweetie- Get checked out… Sending hugs and prayers your way.”

Other fans weren’t too concerned for Alexandra and reassured her instead. 

This included @sallyalli1969, who wrote: “As a healthy human you have absolutely nothing to worry about, plenty of fermented and fibre-rich foods will keep your gorgeous microbiome in tip-top shape!”

A sixth viewer @agrace51 commented: “Maybe what you ordered wasn’t contaminated! Try not to freak out. You most likely would have been sick when you drank it.”

Others joked and wrote about her taking her character’s own advice. 

As a nurse practitioner and a midwife, Mel relocated to Virgin River from Los Angeles for a fresh start and a new job. 

While the series focused on Mel rebuilding her life, it eventually began to introduce other characters and explore their backstories. 

This included Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) who was an ex-marine and the owner of the town’s bar and restaurant. 

Eventually, the two fell in love and are expecting their first daughter, however, their romance didn’t come without its challenges. 

Virgin River is available on Netflix 

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