Video: In Search for Baby Yoda at DesignerCon 2019 – /Film

Video: In Search for Baby Yoda at DesignerCon 2019 – /Film

November 25, 2019

On the latest episode of Ordinary Adventures, Peter & Kitra adventure to DesignerCon 2019, their favorite convention of the year, in search for Star Wars art and in particular, pieces featuring “Baby Yoda” from The Mandalorian. Is it too early for Baby Yoda art and merchandise? We’ll find out.

Artists featured in the video include:

  • Ron English – Boba Fett figures
  • Patrick Ballesteros – custom Wicket drawn on coffee bag & Mandalorian 25 cent wonder print
  • John Bahn – Doodle Dose prints
  • Coolectric Creations – Oga’s Cantina Porg mug pin
  • Punch it Chewie Press – Kyber Crystal necklaces and fun Star Wars pins
  • David Vordtriede – trio of Ewok prints
  • Moist Junk & Co – pre-sale baby Yoda shirt
  • Geeki Tikis – awesome tiki mugs
  • Bxe Buttons x StaciaMade – Hasbro inspired buttons
  • Ben Byrd – cute Star Wars prints
  • RocketmanQQ – funny Kylo bag
  • Panda Propaganda Toys – creepy toys
  • Epic Pillow Fight by Cha – baby Yoda handmade pillow
  • Jacob McAlister – baby Yoda print
  • BB-Cre.8 – BB-8 and Star Wars pins
  • Stephanie Gunning – Wicket head mount
  • Mug Costanza – Star Wars-themed household products
  • Chrissy Li – adorable Star Wars baby blanket
  • Genuine Haha – Star Wars prints
  • Black Series Rebels – Star Wars pins and a Youtube show
  • Jason Edmiston – action figure art
  • Darren Donnelly – baby Yoda and lightsaber custom built brickheads
  • Joey Mason – pop culture art
  • Marie Ann – Star Wars cards and ornaments
  • Kristen Hapa Lau – two amazing baby Yoda prints
  • William O’Neill – art drawn on books
  • Jeff Victor – baby Yoda print that sold out and showing off his custom 3D printed baby Yoda figure
  • DKE Toys – custom parody toys
  • Brady Willmott – $300 baby Yoda painting
  • Drew Struzan – famous movie poster artist
  • Russ Richards – baby Yoda with frog and Ewok lover

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