Tucker Carlson slams 'manipulative opportunist’ Meghan Markle over tiff with Kate & mockingly calls it 'her 9/11'

Tucker Carlson slams 'manipulative opportunist’ Meghan Markle over tiff with Kate & mockingly calls it 'her 9/11'

March 10, 2021

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson has slammed Meghan Markle as a “manipulative opportunist” over her tiff with Kate, which he has mockingly called “her 9/11”.

The TV host and conservative commentator kicked off his show on Tuesday night by stating that he had intended to take a “hard pass” on discussing Meghan and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Meghan and Harry’s bombshell Oprah interview aired in the US on Sunday – plunging the monarchy into crisis following a series of shocking claims.

Despite Tucker expressing his disinterest in the interview, the host went on to dedicate the opening segment of his show to the couple.

“We’re Americans, and the idea of bringing you the details of some dispute within a decayed monarchy feels a little too much like European history class. Who cares?” Tucker said.

'He's weak and unhappy, and she's a manipulative opportunist,' Tucker said.

“We were going to take a hard pass on the whole thing.”

“And then we saw this.”

First up, Tucker shared a snippet from the Oprah interview, in which the Duchess is asked by the chat show queen about widespread stories that she made Kate Middleton cry.

In the clip, Meghan explains to Oprah that it was in fact the reverse that happened between her and Kate.

“A few days before the wedding, she was upset about something pertaining to, yes, the issue was correct, about flower girl dresses, and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings,” Meghan said.

Tucker scoffed at the explanation of what happened, saying: “Here's this royal person, one of the most famous and fawned-over people in the world telling Oprah that she was incredibly wounded because she got into some kind of petty argument about dresses with her sister-in-law at her wedding three years ago”.

“Stop the presses,” he said.

“She and her sister-in-law had a tiff about clothes. That's never happened before.”

Tucker mockingly said the argument seemed to be Meghan's “9/11” and calls the Duchess narcissistic. 

He goes on to tear apart her claims that she was “powerless”, then cuts to the clip of Meghan explaining this to Oprah.

In the clip, Meghan tells Oprah: “That’s the irony of the last four years, is I’ve advocated for so long for women to use their voice, and then… I was silent.”

When asked by Oprah whether she was “silent”, or “silenced”, Meghan said “the latter”.

The show cuts back to Tucker, who goes on to scorn Meghan for claiming she felt trapped and that her voice was taken away by ‘the Institution’.

“I was silenced, I am a victim,” Tucker deadpanned.

'A rational person might consider this claim absurd, but amazingly no one else seems to think it is. Oprah clearly doesn't think it's absurd.”

'You're not allowed to make fun of this.”

Tucker referenced Piers Morgan, who he said “had to resign from his job” after the host said he was “sickened'' by Markle and “didn’t believe a word” she said.

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