Too Hot to Handle star feels ‘gutted’ after being ‘edited to look l…

Too Hot to Handle star feels ‘gutted’ after being ‘edited to look l…

March 9, 2023

Too Hot To Handle: Netflix releases teaser for season four

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Ethan Smith starred in the fourth season of Netflix’s hit reality show Too Hot To Handle, where he quickly became the show’s resident bad boy. Following his departure from the show, Smith admitted he was “shocked” after finding out how the producers had portrayed him as the season’s villain. 

The reality star recently appeared on Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng’s gossip radio show Access All Areas.

He looked back at his time on the reality show, whilst speaking openly about the moment he realised that producers had misrepresented him on screen.

Throughout the season, Smith was depicted to be the show’s villain, despite him claiming this wasn’t the case. 

He explained to the show’s hosts: “I was shocked. I knew I was on there for a certain reason, there’s always a villain. I get that. I understand it but it was just to the extreme.”

The star recalled the moment he watched himself back on the show, claiming to be in disbelief when a certain scene aired.

He explained: “When I watched it, I was with Seb [Melrose] and Creed [McKinnon] from the show… They were sat there with me and they were just saying “oh f***, that’s pretty bad!

“I can’t believe they’ve done that. It’s reality TV and I think you’ve got to accept it. What you do after is what makes you as a person.” 

Smith added: “I was gutted, I was really upset about it” – referring to his negative portrayal in the series. 

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During the interview, the 26-year-old discussed an incident from the show where he was particularly unsettled by the editing.

“There was a bit of a situation where I was talking about someone’s boobs. I said about Imogen’s [Ewan] boobs “are they real?” But there was actually a conversation before that.”

Smith explained that it was that comment on Ewan’s body that affected him the most.  

The star revealed that Ewan’s reaction was also manipulated, adding: “Her reaction wasn’t her reaction, it was actually from the conversation before. It just got edited that way. I was really upset about that.”

He confessed that featuring on Too Hot To Handle “had a big impact” on him as he believed his true personality wasn’t reflected on the show.  

“At the moment I’m trying to rectify that and show people that I am a nice person and I’m not the type of lad that they made me look like. There were worse off people,” he explained. 

Despite his negative portrayal, the star admitted he “didn’t get much hate” but felt he “didn’t get much support” from the show either. 

He said: “I personally don’t feel like the show didn’t give a good outlook of what I’m really like.”

He also spoke of his former girlfriend’s reaction to his time on the dating show, admitting she rang him up “crying”. 

Smith explained: “My ex rang me up when she watched it and said “that’s just not you. Why have they done that?” She rang me up crying.”

Too Hot To Handle is currently streaming on Netflix.

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