‘Toes are curling’ Dan Walker’s co-star squirms as host performs with Strictly’s Nadiya

‘Toes are curling’ Dan Walker’s co-star squirms as host performs with Strictly’s Nadiya

January 12, 2022

BBC Breakfast: Nadiya Bychkova and hosts do the running man

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Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova impressed Strictly Come Dancing judges and audiences alike during their stint on the BBC show last year, narrowly missing out on a semi-final place. Clearly still good friends, Dan was able to chat to the pro dancer on Wednesday as she joined Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh in the Morning Live studio while Dan fronted BBC Breakfast with co-host Nina Warhurst. 

And it wasn’t just catching up Dan and Nadiya did as the pair soon got to their feet to show off a dance move.

With Nadiya on Morning Live for the show’s “Strictly Fitness” segment, she revealed she was going to show off the ‘Running Man’ to try and get BBC viewers off their seats.

“She’s getting us warmed up this Wednesday, Nadiya’s back for today’s Strictly Fitness. And today we’re doing the ‘Running Man’,” Kimberley said as she introduced the Strictly star.

Gethin then chipped in: “Now someone who knows the ‘Running Man’ is you, Dan.”

Dan chuckled as he recalled: “This is one of our moves from MC Hammer, it’s lovely to see you all this morning.”

Turning his attention to Nadiya, Dan continued: “Can I have a chat with my professional partner, are you alright Nadiya? Are they looking after you this morning?”

Nadiya replied: “I’m okay, they’re looking after me (but) there’s no coffee and biscuits.”

The revelation sparked a jokingly outraged reaction from Dan who quipped: “Oh, Gethin! What are you doing? 

“She needs a coffee, she needs cookies when she comes on the programme, what are you doing?” Dan joked.

Gethin replied: “I never knew that, we’ll get it on the rider for next time, I promise.”

After the BBC stars shared a laugh, Dan was keen to learn more about the dance: “Nadiya, what’s this move, what are we doing?”

“Dan we are doing the ‘Running Man’, you were amazing at it, shall I show you?” Nadiya said as she got to her feet.

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“Right, come on then,” Dan weighed in. “Nina’s gonna get involved as well.”

Dan and Nina then got to their feet to show off their own dance moves as Dan went on: “Have we got some music? Oh, they we go, okay.”

MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This then blared into this studio and by this point, everyone was on their feet doing the ‘Running Man’

“Everyone’s up, beautiful,” Dan added. “Join in at home as well. How long are we gonna do this for? Let’s just keep going. This is what you need, you need a slice of this in the morning.”

In the end, Kimberley slumped back onto the Morning Live sofa while Dan and Nina eventually returned to the BBC Breakfast couch.

“That woke me up!” Nina commented while Dan similarly said: “That’s got the heart rate going, hasn’t it?”

“It really has, yeah,” Nina replied before she remarked: “Got your toes curling at home I’m sure as well.”

Dan laughed before he defended the routine: “Oh, come on! You need a bit of fun, you need a bit of fun. Nadiya’s back just before 10 o’clock doing the ‘Running Man’, you can join in if you like.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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