Tipping Point fans share conspiracy of ‘magnet man’ as counter seems to move

Tipping Point fans share conspiracy of ‘magnet man’ as counter seems to move

November 6, 2021

Tipping Point fans have shared their conspiracy theories of a so-called "magnet man" after noticing a counter suspiciously move.

The ITV show has long had people speaking of the mysterious "magnet man" – but now one eagle-eyed viewer appears to have shared some hard evidence.

During Friday's episode, a viewer tweeted a video which showed a counted dropping into the arcade machine, resting on the platform and then mysteriously shifting along into an empty spot.

This meant just one counter dropped onto the shelf below, though more may have gone over if the counter had stayed in its original position.

The viewer wrote: "Magnet man on top form."

Other fans of Ben Shephard's show were quick to reply, with one saying: "Ha using a magnet crossed my mind ages ago only I was thinking [it was] used sometimes when the disk was dropping from the top? Good on you I wouldn't put it past them given what happened years ago on TV comps?"

Another suspicious fan wrote: "It's not just this programme. The Chase is a fix. These shows should be banned from TV."

However threw water on the claims, saying: "Not too sure really, after all it's only £10,000 in reality not a lot these days compared to some competition shows plus they make more with the adverts played during, it's only a thought."

Despite this, theories of the "magnet man" have been circulating on Twitter long before the suspicious video.

Daily Star has contacted ITV for comment.

If the "magnet man" really is a thing, it seems he doesn't always do a very good job at stopping players walking away with the big cash prize.

Earlier this year, Ben revealed that one lucky player had managed to take home the "double-double" jackpot after a miraculous drop in the machine.

He said on This Morning: "In the series coming up we have another double jackpot winner.

"We’ve had one of those so the jackpot went with the double counter.

"We also had something that’s never happened before and we’ve filmed over 1,000 of these episodes.

"Where both doubles fall at the same time so it was a double-double drop."

He confessed that it "threw everybody into a spin" as they had to stop filming to check their own rules to see what happened next.

Ben told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes: "It was a miraculous comeback for the contestant who gets it."

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV

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