Tiny studio flat with bed wedged into the kitchen could be yours for £80,000

Tiny studio flat with bed wedged into the kitchen could be yours for £80,000

June 16, 2022

You lucky, lucky househunters.

Right now, there’s a rather special property on the market, at a far more affordable price that we’re used to.

This special property, which sits in Reading, is a studio flat, offering just 179 sq ft of space.

The bed is in the kitchen, where it’s wedged into a little alcove, and we’re afraid there’s no separate living room for your sofa.

That means that your relaxation time may need to happen in bed… but be careful not to smack your head on the sloped ceiling while you’re there.

The studio is on the market via Romans auctions, and has a starting price of £80,000 – far less than you’d typically pay for a home in London.

But for a bargain price, you’ll have to make some sacrifices… such as giving up being able to walk around your kitchen without seeing your bed.

Side note: you’d need to make sure your bed is made at all times, just in case someone comes over. You can’t hide your mess behind a door, because there is no door.

Along with the open-plan kitchen/sleeping area, there’s also a bathroom with a shower.

The Zoopla listing notes that the leasehold property is in ‘good condition’, and is being sold vacant to cash buyers only.

It sits on the top floor of a residential development that’s close to the Reading town centre and university.

The estate agents recommend renting the place out once you’ve bought it, which isn’t a bad shout.

Just make sure your potential tenants have no issue with their bed smelling like whatever food they like to cook.

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