This Morning fans want to vomit as 'terrifying teacher' talks about having his eyeballs tattooed

This Morning fans want to vomit as 'terrifying teacher' talks about having his eyeballs tattooed

September 29, 2020

THIS Morning viewers were left squirming on their sofas today as a teacher described the moment he had his eyeballs tattooed.

Sylvain Helaine – dubbed "the world's most terrifying teacher" – described the horrifying moment he was held down and had his eyes inked with a syringe.

The 35-year-old, who has spent £52,000 on tattoos, has tatooed his eyes, gums and tongue said he was blind for several eyes after the procedure.

Saying it hurt "a lot" Sylvain explained: "I had to go to Switzerland. You've got one guy holding you down and the other coming with a syringe and putting it straight into your eyes.

"It's like torture and I won't recommend it to anyone because it's painful, you can't see a thing for a couple of days after.

"You pretty much feel you will lose your sight – and actually a lot of people have lot their sight. So don't do it."

One viewer was left feeling queasy saying: "I’m sorry but the way they do the eyeball tattoos genuinely made me sick."

Another shared a clip of a child vomiting writing: "Him talking about his eyeballs being tattooed!!"

Sylvain recounted the moment last year that parent at the school where he taught made a complaint.

He explained: "Last year one three year old boy apparently had a nightmare after seeing me.

"He complained to his parents and they wrote a letter to my hierarchy saying that I was a radicalised man.

"Having some nude pictures of me, because I am a tattoo model as me, that they found on the internet. When I go teaching I am fully dressed so it was stupid from them."

He explained that the school did not support him and didn't work for several months, though he was paid.

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